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Berlantiverse Review: Flash and Supergirl

This will be a two-for-one review for reasons that shall become apparent as we go along. Item the First: It’s a puff piece, it’s agit-prop, no, it’s Supergirl! Dear, God, SOMEBODY SAVE THIS SHOW. ….Sigh. Too late. Let’s break this down … Continue reading

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TV Midseason Review: Arrow

Arrow is, by and large, the best of DC CW TV. iZombie doesn’t count, that’s from Vertigo. When our season opens, Oliver Queen must put together a team of heroes, since he lost his last one to retirement. They include Mad … Continue reading

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A Flight of Dragon Awards

DragonCon is a convention that takes place every year over the Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, GA. It is, by all accounts, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention on the planet Earth. If you don’t believe me, their minimum … Continue reading

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How to Cater to Comic Book Fans… and Leave Everyone Else Behind

A hitman, a psychotic psychiatrist, an Aussie, a crocodile, a gangbanger, and a Japanese vigilante all walk into a bar. That sounds like the set up for a really bad joke, and in a lot of ways Suicide Squad could … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Star Wars and Sherlock 01/03 

Description: Declan Finn fights a sore throat, annoying cough, and other ills in an attempt to ring in the new year with author Ann Margaret Lewis (The Watson Chronicles), who returns to discuss the latest Star Wars film, DC Comics, … Continue reading

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Dawn of Justice, Twilight of Interest

So, the second Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Yay?

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Review: Supergirl

My name is Kara Zor-el” … and she spent 5 years on an island. No, wait, that’s Oliver Queen. My, does Greg Berlanti love that opening. Anyway, a feeling of excitement and dread followed the announcement of a Supergirl show. The … Continue reading

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