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Quick Anime Review: Mob Psycho 100

It’s been a while, folks! And I’m a good deal late on this review (blame the part-time work I’ve picked up in the meantime–a small blessing, but it does interfere with my blogging), but I’m determined to get it through … Continue reading

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Midseason Review: Legends of Tomorrow and Invasion!

On the one hand, this show has improved since last season. Last season, the writing was so uneven, some episodes were great, and some felt like they were a failed writing class. …. Yes, I am ignoring the episode in … Continue reading

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Where does Marvel go from Civil War?

Everything below will spoil the franchise to date. If you’ve seen Civil War, the only spoilers will be speculation I might get correct. Also, spoilers for a comic book here or there. Now that Doctor Strange is nearly upon us, it is time … Continue reading

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Russia’s “Guardians”: Now With 100% More Man-Bear!

I heard about Guardians some time back: in a nutshell, it’s a Russian version of The Avengers…which means that in some ways, it’s actually quite different. For one, there’s a character who turns into a were-bear. Only in Russia! Well, … Continue reading

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New Luke Cage Trailer

I apparently have timing. I finally review Daredevil Season 2, and then the new Luke Cage Trailer comes out. Pardon me, but I have to say this…. Ahem…. I AM POWER MAN! [Cue Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”]

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News from the Berlantiverse

The Flash has a new costume joining the show. Kid Flash… even though the actor they have really isn’t a kid anymore, but let’s ignore that. That costume is awesome, though.

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Captain America, Nazi

No, that’s not click bait. That’s Marvel’s latest move. They’re making Steve Rogers, Captain America since 1941, into an agent of Hydra, the Nazi organization of the Red Skull. Now, I know what you’re thinking. If you read comic books, … Continue reading

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