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Superheroes, Vigilantism, and Morality

A lot of ink has been spilled, and far more photons emitted, over the question of why superhero fiction has become so popular. It’s not just a recent thing, though it might seem like it; the recent rise in popularity is … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Star Wars and Sherlock 01/03 

Description: Declan Finn fights a sore throat, annoying cough, and other ills in an attempt to ring in the new year with author Ann Margaret Lewis (The Watson Chronicles), who returns to discuss the latest Star Wars film, DC Comics, … Continue reading

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Dawn of Justice, Twilight of Interest

So, the second Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Yay?

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BvS trailer released at Comic Con; Batfleck to Script own movie

I guess the first section to ask is: Why does it look like Kyra Segwick is in this film? Why, God? Why? Superman testifying before a Senate hearing?  Batfleck shoehorned into the previous Superman film? You know, the film Man of Steel felt … Continue reading

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GrimDark to Grimm, Dark: the Endarkenment of Television

A while ago, Kevin Feige, currently running the phases of Marvels’ movies, has mentioned that Marvel will never go “GrimDark,” like the Batman vs. Superman trailer seems to be. As he said it, I discovered I had the perfect word … Continue reading

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