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Dragon Awards Are Live

Last year, we released footage of the first annual Dragon Awards, the official award of DragonCon, one of the world’s largest SFF conventions. And now, the Dragons are once again upon us. The nominations process has begun. However, I don’t recommend … Continue reading

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Top 10 Catholic Books to Give this Christmas

In my family, the easiest thing in the world is to give the gift of books. And, seriously, who doesn’t read? If your first thought is “I don’t read,” then I will ask you how exactly this post is getting … Continue reading

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Review: Ordinance 93

As I tell everyone I know, I can read practically any political message, as long as they tell me a good story. I’ll even take save the whales, as long as it’s as well done as Star Trek IV. Ordinance … Continue reading

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Review: Stealing Jenny

I Ellen Gable wrote a book called Stealing Jenny, and mentioned that it would be free on Kindle early last week, and we could grab a copy and review it. I shrugged, figured “If she likes my book, how bad … Continue reading

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Spectre, a Review

For the past few months, there is yet another headline about “Who should be the next James Bond?” Tom Hiddleston or Idris Elba, the occasional actor I never heard of before. At this rate of speed, I’d take Tom Ellis from Lucifer. With … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter Grunge Review

What happens when you bring together one of the best SF&F writers into one of the best fantasy worlds in books today? Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge. When Marine Private Oliver Chadwick Gardenier is killed in the Marine barrack bombing in … Continue reading

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Quick Anime Review: ERASED (Boku dake ga Inai Machi)

I started ERASED (or, as it was originally in the Japanese, “Boku dake ga Inai Machi”, “The Town Where Only I Am Missing”) because Matt had seen it advertised through Crunchyroll. Being that I’m the resident Anime of the Catholic … Continue reading

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