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Love at First Bite, DOA on Monday

Dang, this has been a busy week. Venus came out this week. A Pius Stand came backthis week. I almost forgot to mention what was going away next week. Just a friendly reminder, but my Dragon Award nominated series Love at … Continue reading

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New Planetary Anthology: Venus

So, here we are again, yet another volume from Superversive’s Planetary Anthology series is out: Venus. To start with, yes, I’m in this one… Why? What am I doing in this one? Venus is about romance and lovey dovey stuff. … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions: Planetary Anthoogy: The Moon

Superversive Press has a series of Planetary Anthologies. Each one revolved around the theme of each planet. … And they’re doing 11 anthologies. One for the sun, and another for the moon. The Moon anthology is now holding an open … Continue reading

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Signal Boost, Planetary Anthology: Mercury

Superversive Press has come out with the FIRST of its new Planetary Anthology series: Mercury. As the flap says

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A New Pius Deal and the Return of A Pius Legacy

Right now, A Pius Man, book one of The Pius Trilogy is out for $.99 on Kindle (free on Kindle Unlimited). Most importantly, A Pius Legacy is now out for preorder. For those who are new here, The Pius Trilogy is … Continue reading

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Avengers: #InfinityWarTrailer

Time to take a look at what next big thing Marvel has in store for us. Okay, we’re going to open with a bit of recap to Avengers 1…

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Review: Monster Hunter Files

If you don’t know Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series, this would be a place to start. It’s a world where the forces of darkness are driven back by men and women with nerves of steel, bullets of lead, silver, … Continue reading

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