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Silver Empire To Re-release Declan Finn’s A Pius Man

Before Declan Finn became a Dragon Award nominated horror writer — before there was even a Dragon Award — he wrote a thriller series that’s been described as “the anti-Dan Brown,” or perhaps, “The Da Vinci Code — but not … Continue reading

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Confession and the Rosary

The other day, I went to Confession and had an experience I wanted to share with the Catholic Geek audience. The priest was forceful, which is always a mixture of refreshing and startling. Confession is a sacrament of love, but sometimes … Continue reading

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Continuing a Catholic Romance Novel

I had a great many reactions to my novel Honor At Stake. If you read the original Lori review on this site, you may have noticed in is that it’s a romance. It’s also one that doesn’t follow the standard … Continue reading

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Hope in the Darkness

Another day of good friends, food, and fun came to a close, and as my headlights guided me home, one thought racing through my mind prevailed over all others: how can I possibly feel so empty? For those who suffer … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geeks on The Drew Mariani Show

As I write this, I’m fresh from a last-minute interview on The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio. I was asked to come on to talk about the Pokemon Go craze. Being myself, I wrote up about a page and a … Continue reading

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Strange Skies: Fortune Favors the Bold (Part 2)

I ran out of time in the last segment (or rather, I decided the wall o’ text was big enough), so I wasn’t able to finish the tale of the first chapter of Strange Skies. If you missed that first installment, … Continue reading

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Strange Skies: Fortune Favors the Bold

I promised to share the events of Strange Skies, the campaign I’m running that includes over half of our Catholic Geeks writers. That was a few weeks ago, so it’s high time I fulfill that promise. And, since we just came to … Continue reading

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