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A Review of The Last Jedi

The reviews on The Last Jedi range from “IT’S THE BEST THING EVA!!!” To “IT”S WORSE THAN THE PREQUELS!!” Yeah… no. My first real problem with The Last Jedi was when I heard that The Force Awakens had to have its ending redone … Continue reading

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Thor: Ragnarok, a review

If you know Norse mythology, you know that Ragnarok is basically the doom of Asgard. It is the end of all things. Can Thor, god of thunder, stop the cataclysm from happening? Going by the first minutes of the film, … Continue reading

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A Reflection on ‘Silence’

I finally watched Martin Scoreses’ movie Silence. I have not read the book that it is based on written by Shausaku Endo, so this is simply a reflection on the movie itself. I could not find a way to talk … Continue reading

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Fall Television Resurrects Everything

I had recently joked on my own blog that this fall is the return of everything. I didn’t know that all of these jokes would come true. The following are just the TV shows that are based on something else: … Continue reading

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Dawn of Justice, Twilight of Interest

So, the second Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Yay?

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The Body on Screen

The newly-released Deadpool movie has brought with it a whirlwind of controversy over film content. Foremost in that discussion has been the subject of nudity, and pronouncements that the film is immoral because of scenes with full nudity, both of men … Continue reading

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Evil Narnia Returns

They say that Hollywood is running out of ideas, but this is ridiculous now. The 2007 film The Golden Compass was from the novel of the same name, written by Philip Pullman, the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy. The author … Continue reading

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Van Helsing, rebooted

The 2004 film Van Helsing is apparently coming back to life, only this time on television. … And female. And … why? Vanessa Helsing, the next in a lineage of warriors who must lead mankind against a world controlled by vampires. … Continue reading

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#MakeAMovieCatholic on Twitter

Yes, the hashtag #MakeAMovieCatholic trended on twitter last night. So, being the geeks that we are, I had to play along — and Matt had to join in. And once he started in, I tagged him in my tweets, and he … Continue reading

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The Pixar Hierarchy

Since they released their first feature film in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has become a household name all but synonymous with quality. They have had a few missteps along the way, but on the whole you can count on Pixar … Continue reading

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