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Just a Girl: a Captain Marvel Review

The stage is set. Avengers: Endgame looms on the horizon, its plot shrouded in mystery, following on the heels of Infinity War, a gargantuan (or, some would say, titanic) crossover epic. In between the two films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe … Continue reading

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Avengers: #InfinityWarTrailer

Time to take a look at what next big thing Marvel has in store for us. Okay, we’re going to open with a bit of recap to Avengers 1…

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Thor: Ragnarok, a review

If you know Norse mythology, you know that Ragnarok is basically the doom of Asgard. It is the end of all things. Can Thor, god of thunder, stop the cataclysm from happening? Going by the first minutes of the film, … Continue reading

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Marvel at #SDCC 2017: Captain Marvel, Thor, and Infinity War

This probably qualifies as being geeky enough for our readership: a quick look at some of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe had at San Diego Comic Con this year. This is “some,” in part, because they dropped an Infinity War … Continue reading

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Black Panther Trailer Reaction

Welcome back to the Marvel Cinematic universe. The next trailer for the movie after next is here. And now: Black Panther.

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Review: Doctor Strange

For those of you who do not know the strange tale of the good Doctor, Dr. Stephen Strange starts out as a neurosurgeon, but is really Tony Stark with a medical degree. In this case, he’s Benedict Cumberbatch, with an … Continue reading

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Where does Marvel go from Civil War?

Everything below will spoil the franchise to date. If you’ve seen Civil War, the only spoilers will be speculation I might get correct. Also, spoilers for a comic book here or there. Now that Doctor Strange is nearly upon us, it is time … Continue reading

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