“Welcome to the Fricking Guardians of the Galaxy”

Now that I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 twice, I feel like I can write an accurate review. This is probably the best of all Marvel’s films, despite being the most predictable. I was only half paying attention the first time I saw it, but there still wasn’t a single moment that surprised me. What makes this movie great, however, is the on-point humor and characterization of the Guardians. This review, as all of mine are, will be spoiler free.

Marvel has always been amazing at writing humor, and Guardians of the Galaxy is possibly their best example. Both times I saw the film, I spent the entire two hours (even when the credits were scrolling up the screen at the end) laughing and enjoying the pacing of the dialogue and facial expressions/physical acting.


Nebula, Gamora, and Rocket: the three best characters (in my humble opinion)

Despite all the funny moments, the real heart of this film is in dealing with family issues. We know from the first film that Peter Quill’s mother is dead, and his father is some unknown alien from somewhere other than earth. We also know that Gamora and Nebula are estranged sisters who are always at odds. Both are explored in this film. Most of the emotional impact of Quill’s story arc comes from his search for family, and Gamora and Nebula spend this film constantly at odds with Nebula intent on killing her sister.

Family is explored in all its forms. The opening scene shows Peter’s parents, and it continues from there. While the plot is completely predictable, the message of finding one’s family and place in the galaxy is important because it shows how family relationships can shape someone’s outlook on life as a whole. So while there is some language and innuendos (it’s a movie with Rocket Raccoon, so there has to be), it is highly recommended as an enjoyable film that deserves to be seen.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer!


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