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“Welcome to the Fricking Guardians of the Galaxy”

Now that I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 twice, I feel like I can write an accurate review. This is probably the best of all Marvel’s films, despite being the most predictable. I was only half paying attention … Continue reading

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Hope in the Darkness

Another day of good friends, food, and fun came to a close, and as my headlights guided me home, one thought racing through my mind prevailed over all others: how can I possibly feel so empty? For those who suffer … Continue reading

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Amoris Laetitia: What the Pope Actually Said (Part Two)

Today, we continue our analysis of Pope Francis’ post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia.  Last time, I already told you to go and read the document, so hopefully you did.  I’ll say again: don’t believe what the lamestream media says about … Continue reading

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Amoris Laetitia: What The Pope Actually Said (Part One)

Every time Pope Francis sneezes, we have to endure the constant lamestream media’s commentary on how that sneeze means that he’s going to change Church Teaching on marriage, the family, homosexuality, abortion, or whatever the hell else they’re lobbying for … Continue reading

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In Defense of Black Friday

In the United States, there’s a love-hate relationship with Black Friday. We love to hate it, and yet we line up in the dark and cold to spend money on more stuff. Well, except for me, and a whole bunch … Continue reading

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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is an odd day in many respects. It’s a day that’s tied into both a religious and national history, and yet isn’t considered a holy day or particularly patriotic. It’s a cultural celebration that stands on its own, independent of … Continue reading

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Fatherhood is a Sexist Concept

Abortion supporters tend to have only two settings: shrill attacks, and sullen silence. We’ve been seeing a lot of the latter thanks to the Planned Parenthood exposés that have been hitting the Internet (yet not so much with the news … Continue reading

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Today *IS* National Barbecue Day

Every year, someone will complain that we’re losing sight of what this day means in the United States. Someone always complains about that sort of thing for a holiday. So what is the spirit of Independence Day in this country? Is it a … Continue reading

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