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The Roots of Christmas Traditions: From Pagan or Not From Pagan?

I heard the term solitise tree a few weeks before Christmas and irked me. Soon afterwards I fell into conversation with a few co-workers about the holiday. What really got me was the consensus of the group that was chit-chatting agreed with the … Continue reading

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The Incarnation and the One Ring

Happy Ring Destruction Day! That’s right, Tolkien fans. Tomorrow, the 25th of March, is the anniversary of the day when, mumbleteen thousand years ago, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum entered Mount Doom to pitch the One Ring into the fire below. … Continue reading

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Alone at Christmas

Christmas has been a bittersweet time for me in the last few years. 2008 was the best one I’ve ever had, and solely due to one wonderful young woman. 2009 was the worst, and that wonderful young woman was the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! (Wait, What?)

Happy New Year, everyone! *blows party horn and throws confetti* Uh . . . wait, what? Did we just skip December? *checks calendar* Yeah, see? It’s still November! What gives? Why are we skipping ahead? Answer: we’re not. Longer answer: … Continue reading

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In Defense of Black Friday

In the United States, there’s a love-hate relationship with Black Friday. We love to hate it, and yet we line up in the dark and cold to spend money on more stuff. Well, except for me, and a whole bunch … Continue reading

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Why I No Longer Complain About Christmas Before Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year. It’s Thanksgiving (in the United States). Just a few more days . . . but we’ve had Christmas decorations, songs, commercials, and anti-consumerist pleas for literally months now. The annual joke is that it happens … Continue reading

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