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Military SF Tech @DragonCon, 2016

This was a fun little panel that I was surprised by — mostly that I got such good video feed. “There’s an awful lot of high tech in military science fiction. Some of it is solidly based on current science/tech. … Continue reading

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In the Spirit of ‘Rationalia’

The Internet has been blowing up about how Neil deGrasse Tyson proposing a new one-line constitutional society. I really have nothing to add to that . . . well, nothing specific to that. However, it reminded me heavily of a … Continue reading

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#E32016’s Xbox Press Conference

Xbox One has finally showed us their true colors: almost nothing new. NO, really. First, if I hear the word “diversity” one more time … seriously, stop with the buzzwords. Or at least make new ones. As I watched the … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Rory Modena and David Chalmers 08/30 by We Built That Network | Culture Podcasts

Declan Finn (Honor At Stake, The Pius Trilogy) has the wonderful RK “Shadowdancer” Modena and her cohort David Chalmers. We’ll cover art (which Declan knows nothing about), censorship in gaming and game chat, et al Source: The Catholic Geek: Rory … Continue reading

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SciTech: Printed Prosthetics

Not too long ago, science fiction author John Ringo stated that science was getting ahead of his fiction. He could no longer handwavium away details and move on — he would have learn all the intricate details. These are prosthetic … Continue reading

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Not Quite Gundams

It’s the distant future, the year 2015. We may not have flying skateboards, but you know what we do have? COMBAT ROBOTS. Sorta. Lemme back up a second. See, once upon a time, the Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry … Continue reading

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