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Battlerite: My Early Impressions

When I started getting into MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm, which I reviewed recently, I ran into mention of an older game called “Bloodline Champions“. Like in MOBAs, you had characters with a diverse set of abilities–but instead of … Continue reading

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What Andy’s Playing: Heroes of the Storm

I’ve played a number of different types of games, and the one that’s taking my time right now is Heroes of the Storm, a game that’s a bit odd in some ways but very satisfying in others. Where else can … Continue reading

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Not Quite Gundams

It’s the distant future, the year 2015. We may not have flying skateboards, but you know what we do have? COMBAT ROBOTS. Sorta. Lemme back up a second. See, once upon a time, the Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry … Continue reading

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