Fall Television Resurrects Everything

I had recently joked on my own blog that this fall is the return of everything.

I didn’t know that all of these jokes would come true.

The following are just the TV shows that are based on something else: a film, another TV show, something that’s already aired, already been enjoyed, and is now being brought back from the dead in an attempt to cash in on nostalgia value.

Hey, if Michael Bay can do it with Ninja Turtles and Transformers, why can’t television? And in an age where TV has already brought back Rush Hour as a show, why not?

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Legendary: Civil War Expansion

Tying in with this year’s release of the MCU film, Captain America: Civil War, Upper Deck has designed a big box expansion for Legendary revolving around the event. The expansion follows the version from the comics predominately, but there is certainly a little movie influence, such as the inclusion of Baron Helmut Zemo as a Mastermind and the Vision as a hero. This set tells the story through the eyes of Captain America’s anti-registration heroes, featuring the pro-registration side as the villains and Masterminds. In addition to the new heroes and villains, however, this set includes a number of new gameplay additions, rivaling the complexity of Secret Wars: Volume 1. Sidekicks make a return, but this time in special versions. A new hero mechanic, “Divided” cards, add interesting options to the battlefield, and new types of Wounds make an appearance in the game for the first time.

Legendary Civil War

For previous Legendary sets – 

Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game

Dark City

Fantastic Four

Paint the Town Red

Guardians of the Galaxy

Secret Wars: Volume 1

Secret Wars: Volume 2

Captain America 75th Anniversary


What’s in this set – 16 new heroes with one new team, 5 new Masterminds, 8 Schemes, 7 Villain Groups and 2 Henchmen Villain Groups, 2 new types of Bystander (7 cards total), 15 special Sidekicks, and 15 Grievous Wounds. A grand total of 370 cards, 20 more than the standard big box set!

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What Andy’s Playing: Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm characters

I’ve played a number of different types of games, and the one that’s taking my time right now is Heroes of the Storm, a game that’s a bit odd in some ways but very satisfying in others. Where else can you see an impish fish-creature-thing fighting against a fury-filled barbarian, as a sci-fi marine rides to the rescue? I’ve been playing this game for about two years now, and I still find new aspects of it. I’ve mentioned it before, in my article “What is Competitive Gaming?”, and now I’m going to take the time to talk about it exclusively.

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer game in the “MOBA” genre, which I’ll discuss further down. Teams of five players compete against one another in a game that mixes strategy, videogame action, and RPG-inspired character-building. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Awards

A lot of attention has come to the state of awards in the field of science fiction and fantasy in the last few years, thanks to increasing problems with and arguments over the Hugo Awards. If you’re unaware of why, the Hugos were (note the past tense) considered the premiere measurement of excellence in SF&F for decades; but over the last couple, they’ve stopped reflecting overall fan appreciation and shown an increasing bias for the tastes of a particular (and vastly smaller) group that would rather celebrate rapists, racists, and child molesters as long as they said the right things.

Can you guess why there might be some tension? The Hugos were like the Academy Awards for SF&F, except they were actually voted on by the fans, not a cabal of elites patting each other on the back. Now there’s no difference . . . except that millions of people still care about Oscar, and most people don’t care about Hugo. There are other awards, but few of them try to be comprehensive.

Well, you can read about it from my perspective, or read our own Declan Finn’s recap from last year at Liberty Island. All I wanted was to lay out why it’s so important that two new comprehensive-category awards are debuting this year: the Dragons and the Manticores.

And yes, the mythological coincidence is just that: coincidental.

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CW’s DCTV Bring the Guest Stars

Walk with me through the amount of guests we’re going to have all over the DC universe on CW this season.

First … 


Enter Sharon Leal as M’gann M’orzz, “Miss Martian,” from Geoff Johns’s run on Teen Titans, as well as the animated Young Justice. Johns also happens to be popular among the Berlantiverse, having written a few episodes.

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Book Review: The Mermaid & The Unicorn

Mermaid Unicorn Cover

There’s a lot of “urban fantasy” out there, and I’ve only experienced small handfuls of it. I’ve devoured The Dresden Files, caught a few episodes of Buffy, delved into the lore of World of Darkness, and even gotten into Monster Hunter International. So when I got asked if I wanted to be a beta reader for a book about supernatural shenanigans in Paris, I was already onboard.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with an advanced review copy of the book.

Author’s Note: I previously made reference to a “foreword” in the story. I have been informed that this was removed from the final version of the book, but the details are present in an Author’s Note at the end of the book. I would also like to note that this book also saw our very own Matt Bowman playing a pivotal role as an initial co-author and a huge factor in the development of the plot. Continue reading

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Flashpoint Impact

If you’ve seen the end of The Flash season 2, you know that Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother from being murdered.


If you haven’t seen it, too late.

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