Hope in the Darkness

Another day of good friends, food, and fun came to a close, and as my headlights guided me home, one thought racing through my mind prevailed over all others: how can I possibly feel so empty?

For those who suffer from depression, it has a way of sucking the life out of everything we do. Out of us. People and things that held so much meaning mere moments before, can be suddenly stripped of all value for no apparent reason.  My friend and fellow Catholic Geek, Matt Bowman, has written quite eloquently about depression and its effects, and I highly recommend his insight on this subject. There’s nothing I can add to the topic that might compare with Matt’s words, but in the long, dark car ride home, a second and crucial thought followed my first one: what keeps me going?

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The Pond Family Reunion, @DragonCon, 2016

I’m now at the point where I’m posting other people’s video.


I’m told Karen Gillan was supposed to be part of this. I think she either cancelled, or cancelled her panels. I could be mistaken.

And, while you’re listening to that, you might want to check out my Sad Puppy and Dragon Award Nominated Novel Honor at Stake by clicking this link.
And … enjoy.
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Daredevil Panel with Charlie Cox @DragonCon, 2016

And, if you like Martial Arts, you might want to check out my Sad Puppy and Dragon Award Nominated Novel Honor at Stake by clicking this link.
And … enjoy.
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Even more Firefly Guests @DragonCon, 2016

This one is a completely different panel from yesterday. This has Alan Tudyk and only Adam Baldwin in addition.Enjoy

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Firefly Guests @DragonCon 2016

On the one hand, Firefly is possibly one of the most overrated shows that ever got a cult following off of so little.
Never was so much worshipped by so many for so very little. Even in DVD format, with the complete episodes and in the right order, the pilot turned me off.

But I like Glau and Baldwin. Maher is … a nonentity as far as I can tell, but whatever.



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Spectre, a Review

For the past few months, there is yet another headline about “Who should be the next James Bond?” Tom Hiddleston or Idris Elba, the occasional actor I never heard of before. At this rate of speed, I’d take Tom Ellis from Lucifer.
With all this hubbub going around, I thought someone should look at the most recent Bond film, Spectre.

I’ll say this: It’s NOT the worst Bond film I’ve ever seen. That particular honor goes to Quantum of Solace, where the plot made even less sense than the title.

I can also say that it’s not even the worst Daniel Craig Bond film I’ve ever seen.

However, this is the one that pissed me off the most. Quantum may have been bad (and it was), and their editing gave me vertigo, but this? This! Gah!

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Avast! It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arr! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Avast, ye landlubbers, or ye be walkin’ the plank! keep-calm-and-say-arrr

It be possible that yer fine an’ brave captain o’ the fearsome ship Catholic Geek might have forgotten what today is . . . but I assure ye all, if that were the case — and I ain’t sayin’ it is — it would only have been because of celebratin’ in fine piratey fashion with a good mug o’ rum. Or mead. Or grog. Or . . . whatever was in me cup.

Actually, it be odd that it be today. Would Pirate Day — at least fer them buccaneers who dwell within and prey upon the United States — be not be more appropriate on April 15th, or ‘haps a Tuesday in November?

But enough o’ that! It be time to hoist th’ Jolly Roger and sail the seven seas in search of heretics to loot an’ pillage! Continue reading

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