So, just to make things clear, starting from 12AM (PDT) Wed Oct 24, through 11PM (PDT) Sun Oct 28th, the complete Love at First Bite series will be on sale.The entire series will be only $10.

If you’d like, the breakdown is as follows…

So, the whole thing adds up to $10

So if you’re new here, and would like to check out my work before Hell Spawn arrives ….


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Creating a Demon

Going through the the outline for the Catholic Horror novel Hell Spawn… I didn’t know I was going to be writing a horror novel. I figured it was going to be a bit of a tossup between Urban Fantasy meets a police procedural. It would of course get a little dark, if only because the villain is a possessed serial killer.

Then I went into the details of the adversary for Hell Spawn…. and realized this was full horror.

Let’s put it this way: I was congratulated by several readers on portraying R-rated murders in PG-13 ways. The only time it went really gruesome was when I described the murder in perfectly clinical terms by the ME.

It was also less the gore (since I only hinted at it) and more the impending sense of dread throughout the novel. This evil SOB felt like he could appear anywhere, at any time, for any reason. And he does.

After all, the adversary here is a demon. Just imagine every nightmare from The Exorcist, only with an adult male. And we’re not simply talking about making a bed shake. I figure if this SOB is going to be telekinetic, we’re going to be throwing cars.

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Writing an action Saint

Hell Spawn was a nice change because I was forced by the character to make him a good guy.If I have one running theme in my books, it’s that “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Probably the most true thing Orwell ever wrote.

Sean A.P. Ryan in Pius? Dark.

Marco Catalano in Love at First Bite? Darker.

Then there’s Tommy Nolan, a saint.

But then, just because I made him a good guy, a saint, didn’t mean that I made him an angel.

Over the course of the novel, I was surprised at some of the darker choices he made, but he made them all for practical, prudent reason. And prudence is also a gift of the Holy Spirit.

But no, some of the decisions surprised me.

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Hell Spawn is coming

My novel Hell Spawn is going to be the first in the series of a cop with saintly powers.

It features a “Saint” Cop versus a possessed serial killer.

And it’s gonna be awesome.

And oh, by the way, there’s gonna be a kickstarter.

Yes, it’s all the rage these days, I know. Comic books and mecha novels and hero series and such like. And you’re probably wondering, “Declan, what does a publisher need with a kickstarter account?”

Good question.

The answer is: sales are going too well. Once upon a time, Silver Empire could pay quarterly royalties ASAP. Instead of waiting the TWO MONTHS Amazon holds the royalty payments on, it was a simple matter of paying out of pocket. After all, my publisher is the owner of TWO of his own businesses.

Now, sales are too good. And while Silver Empire waits upon Amazon to pay up, Silver Empire is doing six other things.

This kickstarter helps them pay me faster than Amazon can pay them to pay me.

Not only that, but the kickstarter is going to the costs of cover art, printing books, promotional artwork, and …. again, me.

What are the goals of the kickstarter?

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A Look at the #CaptainMarvel Trailer

Image result for miss marvel

Oh look, the trailer is out for the upcoming Marvel film….

For the record, Miss Marvel, which was Carol Danvers’ first of many identities, was a six-foot blonde who got her powers through less than conventional means… even for the Marvel universe. On the right, you get to see Miss Marvel in her original, and best, outfit. She’s muscular and feminine at the same time. So, not bad.

Now, Captain Mar-vell was an alien who turned on his people to save humans from his own people, eventually dying to save humanity.


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An Open Letter to Chuck Wendig

Editor’s Note: If you are unaware of it, Star Wars author Chuck Wendig went on an extended tirade online against Star Wars fans for being racist, bigoted, white supremacist, misogynistic, illiterate, masculinist, mediocre, and possessing an overabundance of earwax. Okay, that last part was made up, but it and the kitchen sink was probably in there somewhere. 

Ann Lewis, of pre-Disney canon, decided to weigh in. Ann is also the author of the excellent Sherlock Holmes book Murder in the Vatican (which you should read), among other titles. ~ MB

An Open letter to Chuck Wendig
by Ann Margaret Lewis

Dear Chuck,
This isn’t a bashing letter, just a thoughtful one. I wanted to state that at the outset, so you don’t skip over it. You’re in a rather peevish mood lately, and I’m hoping to start off my discussion here with a calm base. Further, this is going to be longer than your average blog post, so I beg you to bear with me as I make my way through this. Continue reading

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Dragon (Award) Fire


Please remember, everything eligible for nomination is first published between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. You can the click the above photo in order to start voting.

Technically, I’ve got a single book that is eligible: Good to the Last Drop, book 4 of Love at First Bite.

This, of course, will be a problem with having Silver Empire rerelease Love at First Bite: Good to the Last Drop will not be available for purchase until the votes are already in.

We’ll see what happens. Anyone who has read the book and thinks it deserves another Dragon nomination, feel free. Fire for effect.

If you have not yet read Good to the Last Drop …. sorry about that.

If you want my thoughts on the Dragons, I’ve only got a few items here and there. I’m in so many anthologies, and releasing so many novels, my reading speed this year has been severely compromised.

Last year, I asked everyone to please leave suggestions in the comments. Trust me, I need the reminders.

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