Review: Star Trek Discovery

The USS Pizza Cutter?

The really short version of this review is simple: the more I look at Star Trek Discovery, the more I like The Orville.

Star Trek Discovery set the bar so low, Inhumans looked awesome in comparison, even though the pilot was weak.

Let’s go into why STD isn’t catching.

You have to first accept that this is before the era of Captain Kirk … yet the ship has better technology, including holographic interfaces. And someone took the criticism of lens flares seriously: this ship is so damn dark, how does anyone see anything?  The special effects are gorgeous. They are beautiful. You can see every penny of their $10 million an episode on the screen in high-res CGI.

Pity that not a single penny went into the acting or writing.

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Review: The Orville

My standard policy on TV shows is to give them three episodes… unless they do something to really drop the ball, and / or piss me off.

The Orville has had more than that.

So, what do I think?

This is … surprisingly awesome.

To some respects, I don’t know what to do with this one. I know I like it, despite having some strange and off-putting behavior in the first three episodes.

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Review: Monster Hunter Files

If you don’t know Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series, this would be a place to start. It’s a world where the forces of darkness are driven back by men and women with nerves of steel, bullets of lead, silver, and phosphorous, and they get paid for it.

Monster Hunter Files is an anthology written (mostly) by the best fantasy authors in the business.

“Thistle” by Larry Correia
Owen and his team take on a new kind of monster in Arizona — It starts as your average, straightforward, monster-killing story. Then Larry does a twist at the end of this one that makes Rod Serling proud. I didn’t see it coming, but I should have.  5/5

“Small Problems” by Jim Butcher
MHI’s new janitor has to deal with some small problems — It’s Jim Butcher. Do I have to say this one was awesome?  It’s like he hasn’t recovered from all of his Roman legion research from Codex Alera … while watching The Secret of NIMH.  6/5

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Matt Smith Panel at Dragoncon 2017

For those of you who care, Matt Smith.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Tales of the Once and Future King Anthology is here

Okay, to be perfectly technical, the anthology Tales of the Once and Future King is only available for preorder. And, as of this exact minute, only available as a Kindle.Yeah. I know. Don’t look at me, I’m not in charge of this one.

As you may recall, the editor of this project is Anthony Marchetta, the co-editor of God, Robot, from last year. In fact, if you recall, this project was first announced on my podcast, The Catholic Geek.

Like God, Robot, this is yet another compilation book. It’s got a frame tale that links all of the short stories together.

But Anthony wants to promise more.

When Anthony put together his own package on Tales of the Once and Future King anthology, over at Superversive’s blog, he listed it as the following

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DragonCon 2017: The Logic of Magic

A panel on developing magic systems, with Jim Butcher, Kathryn Hinds, Faith Hunter, and Elizabeth Moon.

Yeah, sorry about the audio on this one. Turn the volume up to maximum, and concentrate real hard. Otherwise, you may not be able to hear anything.

Again, I didn’t do this video, so I have no control over how it turned out. Though I’m going to have to listen to this one later. I couldn’t get into this one for love or money.


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So, book one of my epic thriller series, A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller, will be only $0.99 from now, this minute, until 11AM Eastern on Wenesday, October 4.For those of you who don’t recall what A Pius Man is about, the flap copy reads as follows.


Murder in the Vatican!


As the head of Vatican security, Giovanni Figlia must protect a new, African Pope who courts controversy every other day. The Pope’s latest project is to make Pius XII, “Hitler’s Pope,” a saint. Things haven’t gotten better since the Pope employed American mercenary Sean Ryan.

Then a body fell onto the Vatican doorstep.

Mercenaries, spies, beautiful women, international intrigue and ancient secrets – The Pius Trilogy has it all!

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