A Review of The Last Jedi

The reviews on The Last Jedi range from “IT’S THE BEST THING EVA!!!” To “IT”S WORSE THAN THE PREQUELS!!”
Yeah… no.

My first real problem with The Last Jedi was when I heard that The Force Awakens had to have its ending redone and cut short (Didn’t you wonder why Mark Hamill had no lines?) because it conflicted with the opening of The Last Jedi.

Yes, you read that right, the endings conflicted. Because one follows hot on the heels of The Force Awakens. No time passes. At all. Did anyone even read the script for the first movie before making the next?

I think the answer is… no. Major threads that came up in the midst of The Force Awakens are cut abruptly, characters that have been built up with backstory (and even a whole novel in one case) are obliterated.

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The Roots of Christmas Traditions: From Pagan or Not From Pagan?

I heard the term solitise tree a few weeks before Christmas and irked me. Soon afterwards I fell into conversation with a few co-workers about the holiday. What really got me was the consensus of the group that was chit-chatting agreed with the idea that most, if not all, Christmas traditions were originally pagan. I, too, had heard of this but I had never given it much thought until this interaction. 


Well, this happened.

So, is Christmas itself pagan? Did we try to hijack the winter holiday away from them?

To answer this let us go over some of the more common claims/accusations/theories/what-have-you one by one. And since it’s still the Christmas Season I’m gonna do it!

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The Catholic Geek: The Last Closet, by Moira Greyland 12/17


The Catholic Geek show returns this Sunday, with host Declan Finn interviewing Moira Greyland Peat, the author of The Last Closet.

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[Guest Post] Rogue One: A Catholic Story

The following guest post comes from Robert Towne, a member of the massive Catholic Geeks group on Facebook. (No, that isn’t our group. Yes, we predate it. Yes, I answer these questions a lot.) What with the premiere of the latest Star Wars movie this week, I asked Robert to expand on comments he’d made in that group about the applicability of Rogue One, truly the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy, has for a Catholic audience. Robert delivered this weeks ago, but I delayed posting it until this week solely because of timing.

Needless to say, this article contains massive spoilers for Rogue One. If you haven’t seen it, I highly encourage you to drop what you’re doing, head over to Netflix or your local DVD repository of choice, and watch it. This article will still be here when you get back. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s closer than we might expect. This article talks about one facet of why.



-By Robert Towne

In a matter of weeks, we will be flocking to the theatres to witness a new chapter in a galaxy far, far away. But today I would like to discuss another recent entry into the Star Wars saga. Having seen “Rogue One” quite a few times over the last year, I can’t help but think of it as the most Catholic of Star Wars films.

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Avengers: #InfinityWarTrailer

Time to take a look at what next big thing Marvel has in store for us.

Okay, we’re going to open with a bit of recap to Avengers 1…

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Thor: Ragnarok, a review

If you know Norse mythology, you know that Ragnarok is basically the doom of Asgard. It is the end of all things. Can Thor, god of thunder, stop the cataclysm from happening?
Going by the first minutes of the film, yes. Yes he can.

When last we saw our intrepid Avenger, Thor had flown off in search of the Infinity Gems (the shiny MacGuffin devices from half the franchise). Finding none, he is now in search of the cause of his dreams: dreams of Ragnarok. It leads him to Surtur … some sort of magma …Satan … thing. Surtur monologes a bit about how he will destroy of of Asgard, bwahahahaha … and Thor interrupts him for some comic moments, and we’re off.

However, the end of all things isn’t quite averted. Hela, goddess of death, has been trapped for half a million years, and she’s out, she’s pissed, and she’s ready to rule everything.

So, nicely epic. But can they pull it off?

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Not Clowning Around: a Catholic Take on IT

I’m not someone who generally seeks out horror movies; when I went to see the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT, I was doing going to see a movie with friends. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for, but I figured it would hopefully be a worthwhile experience. I was expecting an evil clown and some scary scenes. I came out of the movie with a fair amount of lingering fear and a bit of something else. Continue reading

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