Love at First Bite, DOA on Monday

Dang, this has been a busy week. Venus came out this week. A Pius Stand came backthis week. I almost forgot to mention what was going away next week.
Just a friendly reminder, but my Dragon Award nominated series Love at First Bite will be temporarily off the shelves as of this Monday, February 19th. Please remember, my friend and publisher Russell Newquist will be rereleasing them over the summer.

There are several good reasons to buy these books. First and foremost being that Silver Empire may not release them in paperback. I’m sure you’re thinking “Duh, why would they? No one buys hard copies anymore.”  Well, I do, and so do some of my readers. So if you care about such things, you should probably grab them why you can.

Not to mention that Silver Empire will be redoing the covers. So, as of Monday, these will all be collector’s editions.

Finally … well, the Dragon awards for 2018 are open for voting. If you’ve voted for the previous editions to make it to the Dragon awards, and want to read Good to the Last Drop before it becomes unavailable, this is your last shot.

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New Planetary Anthology: Venus

Planetary: Venus by [Freeman, A. M. , Hallquist, David, Brumley, Bokerah , Antonelli,  Lou , Foster, Monalisa , Willett, Edward , Burnett, Misha , Finn, Declan , St Aubin, Margot, Witzke, Dawn ]

So, here we are again, yet another volume from Superversive’s Planetary Anthology series is out: Venus.

To start with, yes, I’m in this one…


What am I doing in this one? Venus is about romance and lovey dovey stuff. When I announced that I was editing the volume on the Moon, I had several people joke that my editorial notes will focus on “Where are the explosions!?”

…. Which hasn’t happened…. Yet. I’m not Michael Bay, after all. I have plots.

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Call for Submissions: Planetary Anthoogy: The Moon

Superversive Press has a series of Planetary Anthologies. Each one revolved around the theme of each planet.

… And they’re doing 11 anthologies. One for the sun, and another for the moon.

The Moon anthology is now holding an open submission for any and all stories.

Insert obligatory “That’s no moon! That’s a space station!” joke here.

The theme for the moon will be relatively straightforward and obvious: dreams and illusions, despair and madness, isolation.

You know, all of that fun stuff.

Stories should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words. Stories should center on themes of those mentioned above. You want someone going crazy during the full moon? Go for it. (Also see: Hollywood Moon by Joseph Wambaugh).  Want the last man standing from a mission to the dark side of the moon? It can be done (See: Rod Serling). Do you to write want a man who’s crazy enough to believe he’s a Middle Earth elf, but is the only thing standing between an astronomer and a legion of hit men out to kill her? You can’t. I’ve already written it.

These are just ideas I’m throwing out there. The themes listed need not be specifically the primary plot, just part of the story.

Any genre is allowed, though science fiction and fantasy in any of the traditional forms is preferred.

Remember that this is Superversive press. There should be stories that speak to heroic aspects of man; man as he can be, not as he all too often is. The stories should to the reader’s soul. Make the reader yearn for the life that he ought to live. Nihilistic drivel need not apply.

Think this is difficult for a theme that revolves around madness and despair? Depends on the madness.

As Man of La Mancha put it:

When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. To seek treasure where there is only trash. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!

Go out and do me proud. Why? Because I’m the editor.

Cut off date for submissions is April 1, 2018. The date may be extended depending on quality of submissions.

Send submissions to:

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Book Awards Season, 2018

If you’re like me, you’re a little weary of posts about awards. Though I’m of the persuasion where I ignore everything but book awards, and I still ignore most of those.
This will be a quick reminder for those out in the wide world of the Internet that there are several interesting awards up for the taking, and you might want to try them, because fans of Geekdom can chose the winner.
This will be only a preliminary list, one that I hope will serve to start discussion. In part because there are several awards that need more attention, and in part because there are books that I think deserve attention.

Anyway, a quick look at what’s coming.

So, first….

This one is solely a book blogger’s award. They have two categories: short and long. Click on the above link for the instructions.

But if you have a blog and write about books, knock yourselves out.

I have only two books from last year that qualify, I think: Live and Let Bite and Good to the Last Drop, books three and four of Love at First Bite.

Yes, I only released two books last year. Everything else was in a short story collection.

Also recall that Richard Paolinelli’s Escaping Infinity came out last year. As did Another Girl, Another Planet. And Starship Grifters book 2, Aye, Robot, Jon’s For Steam and Country, as well as Jagi’s latest Rachel Griffin Novel. There’s even Karl Gallagher’s Torchship Captain, book three of his trilogy.

Though JD Cowan has already put Drop up for this award. Who knew?

The really important thing though? If you are a book blogger, you need to have your nomination in by February 14th, 11:59 PM US Pacific time.

That’s TWO WEEKS FROM WEDNESDAY. If you have a book blog, get cracking.

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Review: The Torchship Trilogy

Imagine, if you will, a Firefly that did not suck… and that it is written by David Weber, before Weber’s world became Game of Starships with 500 characters you can’t remember.


A captain who’ll take any job if there’s enough money in it.

A pilot with an agenda of her own.

And a mechanic with an eye on the pilot.

The crew of the Fives Full are just trying to make enough money to keep themselves in the black while avoiding the attention of a government so paranoid it’s repealed Moore’s Law. They’re not looking for adventure in the stars . . . but they’re not going to back down just because something got in their way.

We cover five missions / stories, but they all build on each other. The opening deals with a bunch of tourists … which turns into a cat and mouse chase among asteroids, a shoot out, and some additional SCIENCE!
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Signal Boost, Planetary Anthology: Mercury

Superversive Press has come out with the FIRST of its new Planetary Anthology series: Mercury.

As the flap says

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A New Pius Deal and the Return of A Pius Legacy

A Pius Legacy: A Political Thriller (The Pius Trilogy Book 2) by [Finn, Declan]

Right now, A Pius Man, book one of The Pius Trilogy is out for $.99 on Kindle (free on Kindle Unlimited).

Most importantly, A Pius Legacy is now out for preorder.

For those who are new here, The Pius Trilogy is the Catholic answer to Dan Brown– only I have facts instead of fantasy, footnotes instead of vague assertions of historical accuracy, and stories that are not only ripped from the headlines, but ahead of the headlines.

In A Pius Man, seven strangers came together to kick ass and take names in a battle against those who would destroy the Catholic church, and any who supported them.

In A Pius Legacy, we deal with blowback. There are messes to clean up, airplane hangars to reconstruct, legal affairs to sort, a case to be made to the UN, men to bury, and bullet holes to patch.

When the case in “international law” is turned around, and old lies come back to haunt our heroes, they must once again hold the line against the forces of darkness that threaten to overwhelm all they fought for in APM.

Then the Pope is kidnapped, and the fun really begins.

So, get A Pius Man now, and finish it by the time your preorder of A Pius Legacy comes out.


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