The Catholic Geek: DragonCon 2017 Report

The Catholic Geek: DragonCon Report 09/17 by We Built That Network | Books Podcasts://

Declan Finn (Love at First Bite) reports on the Dragon Awards, and the latest news about Monster Hunter International, the SHOT Show, guns, Harry Dresden spin-offs, Jim Butcher tales, and some words from the late, great Jerry Pournelle.


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DragonCon 2017: Magnificent Men of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Panel

The top men of our genres discuss their careers & offer advice to new writers.

Panelists: Kevin J. Anderson, Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, Peter David, and Larry Niven.

Yes, it’s audio only.

Sorry, again, this isn’t mine, so no, I can’t fix any problems that arise. I just find the stuff, and hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy, all.

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Marvel’s Answer to John Wick has just arrived

Marvel’s Answer to John Wick has just arrived


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DragonCon 2017: From the Beginning: The Evolution of the Urban Fantasy Protagonist

The authors on this panel have played vital roles in the advancement of the Urban Fantasy genre. We’ll discuss how their seminal characters have developed & changed over time, all while continuing to influence the field.Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Laurel K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Skim this particular video one.

Why? I think you’ll see why, after a while.

I have never seen Jim Butcher go passive aggressive before, but when he says, “I think Joss Whedon has something to do with Urban Fantasy. Just a little,” he sounds just a might put out.

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie

The_Lego_Ninjago_Movie.jpgAs we all know, I’m a self-professed Lego fanboy. I’m also involved with an RLUG (an official club recognized by Lego, with some access to certain perks), and got an invite to see all three Lego franchise films before they were open to the general public. I reviewed The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie over on my other site, Novel Ninja. I’m sticking this one up here because, well, I can’t exactly ignore the CG fanbase, now can I?

Unlike the others, though, it’s pretty short and to the point. The LEGO Movie was an excellent film about Lego figures in a Lego world that worked according to Lego rules (unlike pretty much every bit of Lego-brand films I’d seen before then, where it didn’t really matter if the characters were Lego or not). It was a great, well-constructed film that blended reality and fantasy to the point where you effectively had a parallel world going on.

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Dragon Award Bundle

The Dragon Awards are still open.

To vote now, go to the Dragon Awards website, register to vote, and your ballot will end up in your email. Feel free to vote for me, while I’m there.


To celebrate the Dragon Award nominations, a group of friends and I have put together deals, most of them running the length of August.

These Deals include

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Writing for Astounding Frontiers #1

At least one review of Astounding Frontiers #1: Give Us Ten Minutes, And We’ll Give You a World, has noticed that I stole elements of my short, “According to Culture,” from a historical incident. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, I’m a historian.

As Jeffro Johnson, leader of the Pulp Revolution, noted, there are elements of the film Taken in there. It should shock no one, but the Taken element was the #1 thing I thought of when I sat down to write my short story. After all, how do you do Pulp, aside from action, and insane goodness? Kidnapping is an easy way to do it. The very nature of the crimes comes with an automatic clock, and if there’s one thing I learned growing up with Jack Bauer, is that a ticking clock makes everything better. Though I guess I could have killed someone’s puppy.

One of the first characters I had created in my writing career was Sean Patrick Ryan. For the lack of a better term, he is a space ranger. There’s a lot of background to my Rangers, but the short version is that they are much like those of Texas: their jurisdiction is wherever they are.

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