Doomsday Approacheth

I’ve always heard of doomsday referring to the end of the world. I’ve even heard it referring to comic book characters (notably Dr. Doom’s own holiday, Doom’s Day). I hadn’t known it was something that happened more than fifty times a year. Continue reading

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Dragon Awards Are Live

Last year, we released footage of the first annual Dragon Awards, the official award of DragonCon, one of the world’s largest SFF conventions.
And now, the Dragons are once again upon us.

However, I don’t recommend voting just yet.

Why? This is what is eligible for the Dragons

Works released between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2017 are eligible for this year’s awards.

Anything from July last year, to June this year, is eligible.

Just for the record, you can’t nominate whole series. Sorry. There will be no nominating the complete works of Jim Butcher.

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A Reflection on ‘Silence’

I finally watched Martin Scoreses’ movie Silence. I have not read the book that it is based on written by Shausaku Endo, so this is simply a reflection on the movie itself. I could not find a way to talk about this movie without giving away the ending, so – Spoiler Alert!


It was beautifully shot, and the soundtrack so well done that it feels like there was not any music forcing the viewer completely on the actions of the characters. That said, it was an uncomfortable movie to watch, which in of itself is not a bad thing. Well done uncomfortable movies make us think and reflect. I personally watch Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ every Good Friday and that is very uncomfortable to watch. Continue reading

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Legendary Villains: Fear Itself Expansion

Two years after the release of Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game, Upper Deck introduced another core set, Legendary Villains. In this spin-off version of the game the roles are reversed, with players acting as the villains and brawling against various legendary-fear-itselfsuperheroes. Although completely compatible with the original Legendary, the Villains line was eventually discontinued as a separate thing, and fully merged with the main game, which is why we saw villainous “heroes” and heroic “villains” in the two Secret Wars expansions. However, the Villains line did get a small box expansion before the merger, a set revolving around a comics event entitled Fear Itself.



What’s in this set – 6 allies, 1 Commander, 1 Adversary Group, and 3 Plots.

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Battle of the Dragons

The Catholic Geek: Battle of the Dragons. 01/29 by We Built That Network | Books Podcasts:

At 7PM, EST, host Declan Finn has a new book out, and will discuss it with co-host Dawn Witzke.

In the second hour, things get interesting with Brian Niemeier, where they will discuss his new novel, The Secret Kings.

Brian Niemeier was the nominee for the 2016 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and winner of the First Annual Dragon Awards for Best Horror. He chose to pursue a writing career despite formal training in history and theology. His journey toward publication began at the behest of his long-suffering gaming group, who tactfully pointed out that he seemed to enjoy telling stories more than planning and adjudicating games. Continue reading

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Starting a movement

Superversive Science Fiction is not a new term, but a term we really need. It’s the opposite of subversive, obviously, and Superversive is something that builds up a person rather then depresses the reader until they’re halfway to killing themselves.
Once a while back, even I did an article discussing Superversive fiction, and why we need the term, and the movement.

And now, it’s becoming far more of a thing than you’d think.

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Midseason Review: Legends of Tomorrow and Invasion!

On the one hand, this show has improved since last season. Last season, the writing was so uneven, some episodes were great, and some felt like they were a failed writing class.
…. Yes, I am ignoring the episode in the American South during the Civil War. For anyone who thinking that American Slavery was “the worst of humanity,” then we should have a conversation about the Holocaust, Joseph Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Middle Eastern Jihad.



While watchable, this season needed more focus. They’ve wandered all over the place, and they needed to better point out that they knew where they were going .

There is a problem with the lack of Captain Hunter this year. I understand actor Arthur Darville is busy elsewhere. But really, we needed a steadier hand at the helm much sooner. Sarah Lance as Captain is awesome, but the crew needs work.

I was also disappointed that Stargirl happened, then the Shade happened on the Flash. Both were elements of James Robinson’s Starman run, and I think they just shut the door on that ever happening.

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