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Doomsday Approacheth

I’ve always heard of doomsday referring to the end of the world. I’ve even heard it referring to comic book characters (notably Dr. Doom’s own holiday, Doom’s Day). I hadn’t known it was something that happened more than fifty times … Continue reading

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Review: Bane’s Eyes

After last week’s fisk on the use of violence, I realized that the same argument I made in that post applies to what I thought of Bane’s Eyes.  It’s the fourth book in the I Am Margaret book series by … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer

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The First Annual Dragon Awards

So, some things of note here, while I think of them.

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New Shows of Fall Season

The following TV shows are actually new. To my knowledge, they are not based on any previous product. They are, at the very least, slightly unique. For example… APB (FOX)   So, Tony Stark took over a police department, and … Continue reading

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Russia’s “Guardians”: Now With 100% More Man-Bear!

I heard about Guardians some time back: in a nutshell, it’s a Russian version of The Avengers…which means that in some ways, it’s actually quite different. For one, there’s a character who turns into a were-bear. Only in Russia! Well, … Continue reading

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Fall Television Resurrects Everything

I had recently joked on my own blog that this fall is the return of everything. I didn’t know that all of these jokes would come true. The following are just the TV shows that are based on something else: … Continue reading

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