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Catholic Dragon Award Suggestions

Since we have not mentioned this since February, It’s occurred to me that the first post was probably a little too cavalier in that Dragon Award post. We should spell out what the bleep is going on a little bit … Continue reading

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Neeta Lyffe: Dual Review

Today will be a dual review.  Why? Because it’s hard to review one book without reflecting on the other. In zombie films, zombies are generally NOT the main bad guys. They set the scene, they act as cannon fodder (for … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Karina Fabian and Becky Geist on audio books and Zombies 10/18

Description: On October 18, in time for Halloween, join host Declan Finn (author, Honor at Stake) as he discusses the the return of Karina Fabian’s awesome heroine, Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator. Join us as she and book reader Becky Geist … Continue reading

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Man Proposes; God (or in this case, Audible) Disposes

My publisher may be called “Damnation,” but I felt pretty blessed when I was asked if we could produce the audiobook version of I Left My Brains in San Francisco. I think my Neeta Lyffe novels are great for listening … Continue reading

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A Catholic Writer of Zombie Fiction

Why not? I’m a Catholic writer, yet I (like Declan) write for Damnation. Damnation Books that is. It’s one of my favorite publishers: Kim always pays me on time, looks for ways to promote my books, and is producing my … Continue reading

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Karina Fabian returns to The Catholic Geek

http://player.cinchcast.com/?platformId=1&assetType=single&assetId=7819391 Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with We Built That Network on BlogTalkRadio Tonight was the long threatened episode where Karina Fabian return to The Catholic Geek to talk about the conclusion to her space opera trilogy, … Continue reading

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Karina Fabian on Mind Over All

Author (and Catholic Geek) Karina Fabian has finished her massive, world-bending trilogy on the scope of Dune …. without the obvious money-grab continuation books. She has submitted herself to an interview. I’m even going to be talking on the radio show … Continue reading

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Of The Many Reasons I Don’t Blog a Lot

Call them reasons. Call them excuses. But there are several issues that keep me from blogging a lot, from the full-time writing job for Top Ten Reviews (which is awesome fun, especially lately), balancing the social marketing and interaction for … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Renegades, a Non-spoiler Review of the Unfinished Version!

My first words to my husband were “Live long and prosper.” During our wedding, the priest directed everyone to greet us with the Vulcan peace sign. Our kids won’t remember, but they wore Star Trek onesies (science blue.) So you … Continue reading

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Fisking Catholic Fiction

Sometimes, I love my fellow Catholics. And sometimes, they are brain-dead stupid. If you look at this article from CatholicFiction.net, you’ll see this great example of brain death. Science fiction has also been derelict in its duty. Who does science … Continue reading

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