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The Murder of Alfie Evans

The more I look at Europe, the more I think it would look pretty whilst on fire.For the past twenty years, I’ve watched Europe fall apart. I saw the EU throw their entire Christian history under the bus in the … Continue reading

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Habitica: Productivity that Grants XP

A few months ago, I noticed someone in one of my Facebook groups posting about an interesting app called Habitica. It’s one of a host of time-management and productivity-increasing applications, both web- and mobile-based. What sets it apart, however, is … Continue reading

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The Immorality of Football

I make no secret of the fact that I have no love for football, or any organized sport. I can’t get into them. Friends have tried. Girlfriends have tried; so for the guys out there, you don’t have a prayer of … Continue reading

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LEGO Versatility and Wheelchairs

I’m on a night schedule right now, and didn’t wake up until the evening. When I did so, I started going through the inevitable barrage of emails, both direct and social media-related, that happens when I neglect my computer for few … Continue reading

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Alone at Christmas

Christmas has been a bittersweet time for me in the last few years. 2008 was the best one I’ve ever had, and solely due to one wonderful young woman. 2009 was the worst, and that wonderful young woman was the … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Lego

As you already know if you’ve been following me over at Novel Ninja, I like Lego. I really like Lego. Lego is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, right up there with the wheel, written language, agriculture, and pizza. Lego … Continue reading

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ACLU Forces Catholic Hospital To Sterilize Woman

I’m sure no one, at all, saw this coming. The threat of a lawsuit — not the actual lawsuit, the mere threat — from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has compelled Catholic hospital Mercy Medical Center in San Francisco … Continue reading

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Fatherhood is a Sexist Concept

Abortion supporters tend to have only two settings: shrill attacks, and sullen silence. We’ve been seeing a lot of the latter thanks to the Planned Parenthood exposés that have been hitting the Internet (yet not so much with the news … Continue reading

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Touch One Life

Ever have that one awesome favorite that is nothing like anything else you like of the same type? That’s me and the Cruxshadows. The Cruxshadows are a darkwave band. If you don’t know what that is, just think “goth”; the … Continue reading

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Love Among the Wheelchairs

There are two things you should know to put this post in context. First, I’m handicapped; I have fibromyalgia and use a cane and wheelchair to get around. In fact, I’m coming up on my 10th anniversary of getting my … Continue reading

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