Fatherhood is a Sexist Concept

Planned ParenthoodAbortion supporters tend to have only two settings: shrill attacks, and sullen silence. We’ve been seeing a lot of the latter thanks to the Planned Parenthood exposés that have been hitting the Internet (yet not so much with the news rooms . . . hmm). What little response there has been has centered around how chopping up babies for spare parts isn’t inhumane at all, because they’re not human beings even though they can’t really define what makes a fetus become a human and shut up anyway you don’t know what you’re talking about you right-wing religious anti-science nutjob. 

This fight is usually waged by women on the pro-life side, because the only valid opinion a man has on the subject according to the pro-abortion types is to be pro-abortion. That, of course, is an attractive opinion to many men who would rather not have to be responsible for anything. There have always been men who just want to sow their proverbial wild oats; now society is telling them that this is not only acceptable but someone else can clean up the results, so have fun and let loose.

Of course, the fact that this reduces women to mere sex objects is never a problem for any of the feminists in the audience. Until, that is, they start talking about “rape culture,” but shh, don’t tell them there’s a connection between encouraging free sex and thinking you’re entitled to free sex. No, there’s no way that telling youth that the human body reaches its highest value in sex, and that therefore the only concern over appearance should be whether someone is attractive or not (well, except when a man admits a woman is attractive, and then out come the hordes of feminists who condemn him for that). It used to be that women condemned men for consuming pornography; now, the feminists tell us that it’s a woman’s choice and no man should have an opinion on it one way or another, even though study after study shows it harms women on both ends.

Love women fight porn

No, the argument is that pornography, abortion, and contraception are women’s issues, because they deal with a woman’s body. No man may have, hold, or express an opinion on this, except to agree with this stance, because they don’t know, can never know, what it’s like.

Yet they never want to carry this logic through, because it leads somewhere that they don’t want to go, whatever their protestations. Think about it. What happens when it’s just a woman’s responsibility?

This is where the title of this post comes into play. According to the feminist, pro-abortion argument, fatherhood is a sexist concept. Paternity tests should be condemned, as should child support. Anything that implies a man has responsibility for a child is anti-woman, because then you imply that he’s somehow involved in a “women’s issue.”

Pro-choice until the bill arrives?

Pro-choice until the bill arrives?

But that isn’t what feminists want, any more than they truly want to be treated equally. Most cultures, throughout most of history, have treated women as something better than men. Sometimes that’s resulted in putting them in a box, limiting where they can go and what they can do; but very few cultures have treated women as less than human, despite Internet memes that try to make out all of human history as worse than the Victorian era (yet rarely mentioning modern Saudi Arabia, which is fairly “progressive” for a dominant Muslim country). The society that I hold to, where men sacrifice for and protect women who are strong and capable and independent, is seen as inherently chauvinist because I think a man should take on more burdens, from opening doors to lifting heavy objects to taking more hours at work.

Yet the society feminists claim to want, where men do none of those things, is exactly what they protest against when it happens — because deep down, they realize something fundamental to the human psyche. A man who treats a woman as if she were a man is disrespecting her, because he makes her out to be less than what she is.


And it all boils back down to that biological factor. Face it, ladies. Men can’t give birth. You can. That simple reality is what makes you more valuable than us. This is why the Bible instructs men to “love your wives as Christ loved the Church.” Christ died for the Church.

Men are expendable. Women are not. And that is why fatherhood is never sexist. That is why the worst kind of man is the one who harms women. That is why it is the man’s place to go down on one knee and ask, entreat, beg the woman he loves for the privilege of being her husband. He asks; she chooses.

The feminist, pro-abortion agenda would strip that away. They don’t realize that in the name of giving a woman a “choice,” they take away the most important choice of all.

Medieval man kneeling before lady

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Matthew Bowman is a traditionally-minded Catholic convert and freelance science fiction and fantasy editor, which means that he's in high demand in a small population. Fortunately, he loves talking about stories. And Catholicism. And history. And philosophy. And lots of other stuff.
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  1. Amanda G says:

    I don’t know where I’ve been, but I love this blog! I will be back. This post was awesome.

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