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The Incarnation and the One Ring

Happy Ring Destruction Day! That’s right, Tolkien fans. Tomorrow, the 25th of March, is the anniversary of the day when, mumbleteen thousand years ago, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum entered Mount Doom to pitch the One Ring into the fire below. … Continue reading

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Doomsday Approacheth

I’ve always heard of doomsday referring to the end of the world. I’ve even heard it referring to comic book characters (notably Dr. Doom’s own holiday, Doom’s Day). I hadn’t known it was something that happened more than fifty times … Continue reading

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A Reflection on ‘Silence’

I finally watched Martin Scoreses’ movie Silence. I have not read the book that it is based on written by Shausaku Endo, so this is simply a reflection on the movie itself. I could not find a way to talk … Continue reading

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The Significance of March 25th

March 25th is Tolkien Reading Day, because it’s the date in The Return of the King when the Ring was destroyed. But have you ever wondered why Tolkien made a point of mentioning that exact date? Doesn’t the use of … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Pirates and Alternate history 11/15

Description Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) will be talking with Fred Heimbach on alternate history, including his latest book, The Devil’s Dictum, where the United States of America was founded by pirates. Frederick Gero Heimbach’s fiction has appeared at … Continue reading

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Twitter Twits Theater: Fundamentalist Conspiracy Edition

Last week, a Fundamentalist, God-doesn’t-like-organized-religion, conspiracy-shouting, and grammatically-incoherent (but no doubt pleasant) man found us on Twitter and decided to try saving our souls. @CatholicGeeks chrislam is Catholicism Islam charismatic protestant including all other false religions with Pope Frances as … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day (with music from the Cruxshadows)

Today, 97 years ago, a cease-fire agreement went into effect in western Europe. Specifically, it went into effect at 11 AM on the 11th day of the 11th month, because apparently that seemed cool to people at the time. Even … Continue reading

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