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The Man in the High Castle: Not Your Average USA

One of the classic tropes of time-travel stories is “history changed and the Nazis won”. The fictional multiverse is veritably littered with alternate worlds where the Nazis are in control of the world. Perhaps it’s because there were points at … Continue reading

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Battlefield 1 Drops at #XboxE3

Welcome to World War 1. No, that’s really my only commentary on that. It looks like it as all the artillery, vehicles, and weapons of World War i. And if I saw that correctly, there might even by some Lawrence … Continue reading

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Twitter Twits Theater: Fundamentalist Conspiracy Edition

Last week, a Fundamentalist, God-doesn’t-like-organized-religion, conspiracy-shouting, and grammatically-incoherent (but no doubt pleasant) man found us on Twitter and decided to try saving our souls. @CatholicGeeks chrislam is Catholicism Islam charismatic protestant including all other false religions with Pope Frances as … Continue reading

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Review: The Man in the High Castle

As we know, Amazon, like Netflix, has been getting into producing their own shows.  So far, Netflix has hit the jackpot, with shows like Daredevil and the continuation of Longmire.  Amazon, not so much.  I watched the trailer for their … Continue reading

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Christopher Lee, RIP, at 93

What can you say about a 93-year old actor who was Dracula? Much in the way that he was Saruman. Or Dr. Fu Man Chu. Or Sherlock Holmes. Or one of the better Bond villains. Or … you know what? We’re running … Continue reading

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Scarlet Pimpernel, Vatican Style

They seek him here, they seek him there, Those Nazi seek him everywhere! Is he in Heaven or is he in Hell? That demned elusive Pimpernel. Those who know the musical are probably raising an eyebrow.  For this post I … Continue reading

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