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The Best of #E32016, Day 1

So I covered Xbox’s abysmal opening.  What about the rest of day 1?   Ghost Recon: Wildlands Last year, this was only a trailer, one that promised the player the ability to tackle the same problem from multiple angles — … Continue reading

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Battlefield 1 Drops at #XboxE3

Welcome to World War 1. No, that’s really my only commentary on that. It looks like it as all the artillery, vehicles, and weapons of World War i. And if I saw that correctly, there might even by some Lawrence … Continue reading

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Writing Catholic Vampires

The other day, I mentioned how I made Honor At Stake (OUT THIS TUESDAY, SEPT 1) a book out of Buffy-inspired fan fiction. But how does one do that? In the beginning … get the vampire lore down.  How does it work? … Continue reading

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Game So As to Win: What is Competitive Gaming?

A hulking man in an orange military uniform squares off against a blue-clad Chinese kung fu artist. A horde of undead marshals an army against a force of wood-elves. A band of five warriors (who all look completely different and … Continue reading

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Video Games: Not the Root of All Evil

There they go again. A while back, (on another Catholic site) I wrote an article about video games, essentially saying that, yes, they’re morally neutral, they are what you make of them, and the violent, profanity-ridden video games are clearly … Continue reading

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