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Writing Catholic Novels

I was recently asked to write about Catholicism in my novels. Going through Honor at Stake, one might pick up on the fact that I’m Catholic. It’s only in about a quarter of the novel, after all. I built my … Continue reading

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The Dresden Files: Epic Noir in the Windy City

Sad as it is to know, there are fans of fantasy out there who have not yet read The Dresden Files. This is like being a fan of sci-fi and never having seen Star Wars. Well, young padawans, consider this your crash … Continue reading

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Writing Catholic Vampires

The other day, I mentioned how I made Honor At Stake (OUT THIS TUESDAY, SEPT 1) a book out of Buffy-inspired fan fiction. But how does one do that? In the beginning … get the vampire lore down.  How does it work? … Continue reading

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Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day, seen as the beginning of freedom in France. Of course, it lead almost immediately to one of the worst tyrannies in human history. Then that lead to a more efficient tyranny that contradicted that previous tyranny … Continue reading

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Today *IS* National Barbecue Day

Every year, someone will complain that we’re losing sight of what this day means in the United States. Someone always complains about that sort of thing for a holiday. So what is the spirit of Independence Day in this country? Is it a … Continue reading

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Hidden Catholicism: Why Catholics Shouldn’t Hate or Fear Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables has once again gained status as a pop culture icon. It was bad enough when it was just a Broadway musical. I hadn’t seen it at all in high school, and yet I was very familiar … Continue reading

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