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DragonCon 2017: From the Beginning: The Evolution of the Urban Fantasy Protagonist

The authors on this panel have played vital roles in the advancement of the Urban Fantasy genre. We’ll discuss how their seminal characters have developed & changed over time, all while continuing to influence the field.Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, … Continue reading

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Butcher discusses Peace Talks at DragonCon

Jim Butcher is deeply enamored with DragonCon. After multiple signings where no one showed up, or panels at conventions where he was the only one in the room, DragonCon is where he started to feel like an author. In fact, … Continue reading

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DragonCon report 2016, The Secrets of NY Times Bestselling Authors

This panel lacked truth in advertising. Bestsellers don’t come easy. Writers share tips about breaking the barrier of the NYT Bestseller lists. It had a collection of people who were on the Bestseller list, but nothing really about getting books … Continue reading

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A Wizard, a Supervillain, and Death Walk Into a Convention

That sounds like the setup for a joke, but it really was my weekend. I went with CG founder Matthew Bowman to the fourth annual AwesomeCon in Washington, D.C. I had never been to a major convention before, so the … Continue reading

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Finally Some News about the Dresden Files!

As you all probably know by now, we’re big fans of The Dresden Files here at CG. (The books, not the show. Except for Olivia, but we forgive her. Mostly.) There’s been an unusually long delay for the latest book in … Continue reading

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Dead Beat’s Break Down (Part 7)

  Sorry once again for my tardiness.  I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse (no, seriously, I was).  I’ll tell you all about that later, but first things first. To make it up to you, I’ve finished Dead Beat, so we … Continue reading

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Dead Beat’s Break Down (part 6)

It’s Halloween in Chicago.  Our favorite wizard is running out of not only time but also options.  If he can’t defeat the baddies before midnight, the entire world is doomed. Sounds like a normal day for Harry Dresden.

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