New Blood’s Take on Blood Rites (part 6)

Show of hands: How many think that Harry can go five chapters without almost getting killed?  Anyone? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.  He seems to always get himself into some kind of bind or some near death situation.  I’m not sure if he didn’t in any of the read-through articles I’ve done come to think of it.

I don’t think that trend is going to end any time soon, but let’s see if that theory holds.

River Spoilers

Last time, we left Harry in the clutches of a madwoman with a gun.  It was not looking good at all for our hero, but he at least tried talking sense into Little Miss Princess.  Now that Harry knew the identity of the cures’s target, he needed to think of a plan to save her.  If he didn’t, then her children would be without a mother, and Harry knew all too well what that was like.

But how could he help?  If he moved, Trixie would shoot him where he stood.  If he didn’t, then Emma would pay the ultimate price.  The smart money was on the “live to fight another day” train of thought.

But this is Harry Dresden we’re talking about.  That wasn’t an option.  With a quick coffee toss, he disarmed Trixie but not before the entire clip was discharged.  She was hit in the calf by a stray bullet and collapsed to the floor in a sobbing heap.  Instead of finishing her off, Harry turned away and went to see if Emma was safe.

We know Harry doesn’t get that lucky…

Sadness tears

During Harry’s scuffle with Trixie, a rogue bullet flew through the door pulled by the curse.  It found its mark and struck home.

And wouldn’t you know, people finally showed up.  Trixie, being the supreme diva she was, screamed in terror because Dresden would kill her too (or so she wanted everyone to think).  There was no time to explain, and the explanation would sound insane anyway.  Harry took off at full speed, gun in hand.  He was almost out of the woods when he bumped into Joan.  He decided to give her the weapon and asked her to stall for time.  He was very lucky that Joan trusted him.

But he’s still on the run from the law.

Luckily, Bob found the whereabouts of the Black Court coven.  They took over a homeless shelter just in time for a blood drive (I’m not even kidding).  It was time to strike.  All Harry had to do was contact his driver, pick up Murphy at her family reunion, and get in touch with Kincaid.  Seems simple enough.

Ebeneezer McCoy picked up Harry just outside his apartment, and they made their way to the park.  On the way, they talked for a bit about the mission.  Apparently, Mavra  was responsible for the death of one of Ebeneezer’s friends.  The Wardens were also aware of her skill with magic, but didn’t know she was powerful enough to telepathically communicate with her subordinates. That also means she’s powerful enough to have a death curse.  Harry didn’t really think about that.

Supernatural Dean Facepalm.gif

They finally arrived at the park to pick up Murphy, and almost immediately Harry managed to tick off a few of her relatives.  Luckily, that quickly got smoothed over after he explained he was looking for Murphy.

Oh, did I mention the fact that Murphy’s entire family are basically all cops? Oh yeah, this was a smart idea…

Harry gave Murphy a quick rundown of what had happened to Emma, and they decided to hit the road right after she talked to her sister.  Harry had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Murphy and Lisa, Murph’s little sister.

Lisa Murphy is a piece of work in all honesty.  She seems to be the spoiled daughter who could do no wrong.  She’s also engaged to a man named Rich. Murphy’s second ex-husband.

Oh No She Didn't.jpg

Of course that lead to a verbal spat.  Though Harry tried his best to diffused the tension, the sister-sister act kept at it.

Mama Murphy wasn’t that helpful either.  There was no warning, no maternal “don’t you hurt my baby” or anything like that.  It’s very telling.  Her relationship with Murphy is very strained to say the least.  She doesn’t appear to care or know anything about how her older daughter.

But if you look at her conversation with Harry, you’ll see that’s mostly a front.  You see, her husband was a black cat investigator.  He used to get the same kinds of cases Karrin Murphy does.  The job got so intense that Mr. Murphy took his own life when he’s older daughter was eleven.  Mama Murphy knows very well the dangers her daughter faces, and keeps up this distant front to let her daughter think she’s not worried.  When Harry accidentally proved to Mama Murphy that he’s can take care of Murph, Mama Murphy gave him food.  If that’s not a sign that she still very much loves and cares for Murph, I don’t know what is.

And now I really want a burger and cake.

Escaping the drama of the family reunion, Harry and the gang sped off to meet up with  Kincaid at the shelter.  They left Ebeneezer in the parking garage nearby, so as to not spook the hitman.  When they found him, he had just finished telling the Red Cross volunteers to take a lunch. They thought he was some kind of law-enforcement officer so they left without much hassle.  He probably gave them a fake badge, but that’s just speculation (don’t tell Murphy).  The talked strategy and decided against the Bolshevik Muppet plan (the one that involves explosions, fires, and more explosions) in favor of something more tactical.

Ebeneezer joined up with the rest of the crew and it seemed like everyone was ready t-

Two guys Face off with guns.jpg

Or not.

Apparently, Ebeneezer and Kincaid have a bit of a history.  And it’s enough of one to cause both to pull out the nearest weapon and prepare for battle.  Harry stepped in just in time to stop these two professionals from murdering each other in broad daylight.  Fortunately, they agreed to postpone this whole argument until after the Black Court vampires were vanquished, and Harry, Murphy, and Kincaid suited up.

With the two professionals handling firearms and the wizard taking a vampire-busting paintball gun, the A-team of Chicago was ready to storm the castle.

Have Fun Storming the Castle.gif

Think it’ll work? Find out next time!

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