New Blood’s Take on Blood Rites (part 7)

Happy Hump-Day everyone!

So we’re back in the saddle.  Harry and his crew are ready to hunt some terrible beasties and taking us along for the ride.  Will this plan go well, or will it all fall to pieces?  Will the day be saved or will more mysteries be uncovered?

Let’s find out.

Spoiler Alert

We last left the group armed to the teeth.  It’s vampire season after all, and the found the perfect hunting grounds.  A homeless shelter just when it was about to host a blood drive.

Kincaid took point with a tricked out boar spear, followed closely by Murphy with a sawed-off shotgun (an illegal weapon by the way).  Harry took the rear with an impressive holy water/garlic paintball gun and his trusty magic.  It was decided that any innocents within would be gathered and brought out of the shelter before they went in guns blazing.  A group emerged lead outside by Kincaid leaving about six within.  Murphy had them all at gunpoint and Harry used the Sight to see if they were dangerous.

Ok, the Sight is really cool.  It lets a wizard see more than what the normal eye can, like an image of their soul.  It gives a deeper understanding of the kinds of creatures or people a wizard is dealing with.  For example, Harry could see the people who were enthralled by the Black Court were like sheep to the slaughter.  They didn’t care.  They didn’t react.  They were completely relaxed, completely oblivious to the life-threatening situation they were in.  He could see the Renfield vampire transform from a helpless victim into the animal that now consumed him (think Renfield from Dracula, or the Reevers from Firefly).  He could see Murphy, an angel with unbelievable strength despite the wounds that bled.  Again, I really wish I had that ability.

He saw one thing more with this Sight, something so terrifying that it could only be equated with staring into the face of Death.

Fire Demon Balrog

When he finally broke free of that vision, Kincaid was standing where that horrific specter was.

I guess that hints at why he and Ebeneezer take exception to each other.

After the thralls were brought to the surface, the team made their way to the basement.  There was a bit of an argument, but it was agreed that the hostages needed to be saved before the business with Mavra is settled for good.  In tight tactical formation, they moved down the stairs into the basement.  Though Kincaid and Murphy were completely cool-headed,  Harry didn’t have the training for this mission.  The suspense was killing him.

Eventually, the group found where the baddies were keeping the hostages.  They were all children.

But then again that shouldn’t be too surprising.  These are dastardly monsters.  In the words of one of my favorite villains, Captain James Hook, these types of things should always be done:

Captain Hook

And that’s not all.  There was a bomb rigged to blow too.  Kincaid noticed the infrared beams and could smell the type of bomb too.  Handy.  Creepy, but handy.

Since the crossbeams were very narrow, only Murphy could squeeze through and that was even cutting it close.  Kincaid guided her through the beams and talked her through the disarming process while Harry kept an eye out.

Naturally, that’s about the time the bad guys showed up.  Right on cue, at least five Renfields, four darkhounds, and Mavra herself reared their ugly heads.

Oh did I mention they brought flamethrowers?

Another crazy battle ensues.  Harry’s hand got deep-fried, two Renfields got incinerated, Kincaid dual-wielded handguns, and still the good guys were loosing.  Harry asked Murphy to hook up the mine again. Once everything was set up, Harry made the call.

They went with the “Bolshevik Muppet” plan.


The building went kablooey.  Thanks to Harry’s shield, the humans survived though very shaken up.  Harry and Murphy brought the kids to the surface while Kincaid ensured the Black Court vampires wouldn’t get back up.  Before they split up however, Kincaid saw Harry’s hand and warned that he would loose it to those burns.  After that lovely news, he quickly dispatched remaining vampires.

Surprisingly enough, Mavra survived the blast.  That is long enough to get shot to smithereens by Harry’s paintball gun of doom.  The heroes hobbled to the surface and Murphy, Harry, and Ebeneezer made their way to Harry’s apartment.

Luckily, Trixie didn’t bother to remember Harry’s name so the cops weren’t looking for him per se.  The were safe there for the time being.

Speaking of that case,  Harry’s got a theory.  The prime suspects are the three former wives of Arturo, and they probably have a connection to the White Court vampires.  Since Arturo is in love, the White Court can’t touch him.  Love is their kryptonite after all.

After Harry explained his theories and the half-brother situation to Murphy, she left, but not before dropping a hint about her interest in Kincaid.

That left Ebeneezer alone with Harry.

Don’t worry.  The whole thing was one big misunderstanding.  There are no crazy secrets or shady positions in the White Council or anything like that whatsoever.

I'm being incredibly sarcastic.gif

Yeah, sadly that is not how that went down.

So, as it turns out both Kincaid and Ebeneezer were assassins.  They ran into each other when Kincaid was working for Vlad Drakul.

Yes. The Vlad Drakul.  The OG of the Black Court vampires.

Ebeneezer revealed that he is the Blackstaff of the White Council.  That meant he was given the authority to act outside the laws of magic in emergency situations.  He is allowed to kill, enthrall, invade people’s minds, seek knowledge and power beyond the Outer Gates.  Everything that violates the Laws of Magic he’s got a license for.  And if that’s not disheartening enough, Ebeneezer’s actually used it on more than a few occasions.

But I think the hardest part for Harry was had to do specifically with his past.  The real reason Harry was sent to live with Ebeneezer wasn’t to be an nuisance.  Ebeneezer was told to monitor Harry and kill him if he got out of line.  Of course we know that he didn’t do that despite how much Harry cut up.  One of the reasons for that was because Ebeneezer taught Margaret LeFay.  Ebeneezer felt responsible for her poor choices after she left his care.

And he had orders regarding her too.

Luckily, those never had to be carried out.  Margaret found Harry’s father, a man with no powers or influence, and fell in love.  Ebeneezer believed she wouldn’t fall back into the back company she had been.  She died giving birth to Harry.

Due to an entropy curse.

By Lord Raith.

I'm not ok

Enraged, and grief-stricken Harry was done.  Any trust or respect he had for Ebeneezer was gone.  The man who taught him to respect and follow the Laws had a get out of jail free card.  His mentor and most trusted friend was a murderer and a liar.  Harry decided that he didn’t want to see Ebeneezer again.

Considering his whole world just came collapsing down around him, I think Harry took it rather well.

After all of this craziness, will Harry have enough energy to finish the case? Will his hand recover? More importantly, will his heart? Find out next time as we finish this amazing ride!

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