New Blood’s Take on Blood Rites (part 2)

*queue gameshow fanfare* Welcome back to another Read-Along with the new kid!  I’m your host, Aislinn Gibson.

Last time we met, we were talking about the first 5 chapters of Jim Butcher’s amazing book Blood Rites, book 6 of “The Dresden Files.”  It was already off to an adrenaline fueled head-start and just kept pushing the envelope.

And for those of you who haven’t read this series yet, I don’t think I could give it any more praise.  It is a wild ride that won’t disappoint.  Don’t believe me? Check out Matthew’s series introduction.  Trust me when I tell you, it keeps getting better.  Every book, every page is better than the last.

So let’s see how Harry is holding up after all of that craziness.  Here’s Chapters 6-10 of Blood Rites.

Spoilers incoming


I must say, that little dog keeps getting cuter and cuter.  He’s so silly and sweet.  Honestly, I think he probably is a descendant of Foo, because he is the best behaved dog I’ve ever seen.

Harry brought the little one to the dojo where Murphy was training.  He wanted a hand in his preemptive strike against the Black Court Vampires.  Reluctantly, Murphy agreed.  That’s when our favorite little furball decided to wake up, and become the reason for one of the funniest Murphy quips so far:

“Is that a puppy in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

Hahaha! Nice one, Murph.

Of course, the pup popped out of Harry’s pocket and hopped into Murphy’s heart.  Almost instantly, she started rubbing the pup’s belly and petting him.  She also made it perfectly clear she’s NOT going to keep him.  She’s only going to watch the pup until 5pm while Harry’s at work this one time.

After getting a dog-sitter, Harry drove to the set for his first day on the job.  He met Bobby, a quick-tempered… umm… star, and  Jake, a veteran performer.  Jake helped Harry get comfortable in the work environment and introduced him to Joan, the actual producer.  After introductions, Harry helped put together cameras and tried to make himself a useful Gopher.

All was going well went a surge of energy whizzed past Harry.  Two of the cast were being electrocuted in the Dressing Room.


Yup, you heard me right.  Jake and Giselle were getting deep-fried by the ol’ water-and-wire situation.  Giselle had slipped in the shower and gashed open her neck pretty badly.  Jake had run in to help her but was also electrocuted.  A terrible accident.

But Harry knew better.

Whoever slug this curse was ruthless and really furious with Arturo.  It was brutal, bizarre, and messy as all get out, but Harry didn’t have a chance to trace it.  Remind me never to get on this person’s bad side.  That would get really ugly too quickly for my taste.

Thankfully, Harry was able to step in in time to save both Jake and Giselle.  They got her to the hospital and shooting was called off for the day.  If it weren’t for out favorite wizard stepping in, the rest of the cast could have been seriously hurt. Or worse.

After that fiasco, it was time for Harry to get home.  He had a lot of work to do if he was going to catch whoever wanted this movie sabotaged. And of course, he got interrupted.

Remember how Harry asked Murphy for help exterminating some vampires?  Well Murph wasn’t the only one he called.  He took on a hired gun named Kincaid.

Now Kincaid is intense.  He was in a firefight, dodging bullets and firing back, the whole 9 yards.  He never missed.  But according to him, he’s completely human.  To me, that makes him more intimidating than this guy:


Not to mention he greets Harry with a blindfold and a gun.  Not exactly the most… kind first impression.

Anyway, Kincaid agrees to help Harry out provided he gets paid.  They make a deal and the hired gun walks out.

Now Harry not only has an entropy curse to figure out, but now he’s got a hit to plan and a hitman to pay.  I would say that this was a seriously bad turn of events, but this is starting to seem normal for our dear friend, Harry.

How will he get out of this one? Find out next time!


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