New Blood’s Take on Blood Rites (part 4)

Thankfully there were no monsters that needed squishing last night, and I’m all recovered from the vampire hunt.  Finally, we can get back on schedule!

Last time, Harry had gotten himself into another one of his famous pickles.  He’s found yet another person who would rather him six feet under, and let’s just say the case isn’t running as smoothly as hoped.

But again, that’s not surprising considering this is “The Dresden Files.”

Let’s see how our hero is holding up.  If you don’t mind spoilers:


Things were looking pretty bad for Harry and Thomas.   Lara was officially annoyed, and not to mention armed.  Guns went off.  Magic ramped up.  Thomas of all people got shot.  Harry almost shot Inari.  And that’s not even the best part.

The Black Court decided to rear their ugly heads.

Luckily the basic idea of “the enemy of my is my friend” kicked in.  The four unlikely allies teamed up against the monsters before them, and fended for themselves rather well considering.  They managed to eradicate two and incapacitate the other without dying. In fact, most of them only sustained major injuries.

After the scuffle, Harry drove them to the Raith’s Chicago home (once Lara gave her word that he wouldn’t be harmed).  They were struggling to get Inari and Thomas inside, when a car pulled up.  Daddy Raith was home.


Ok.  I will tell you right know this man… this thing is a creep.  Do you know the feeling when a villain is seductive and just oozing toxic charm?  Lord Raith makes those characters look like altar boys.

*shudders*  So skeevy.

Considering he’s the head of a White Court household, I’m not surprised. He’s manipulative, passive-aggressive, and very controlling of his offspring, or anyone around him for that matter.  If you were to look up “Stranger Danger” in the dictionary, he would be the example.  He’s not someone I’d like to meet in broad daylight, let alone a back alley. No thank you.



*shudders* Eww…

Oh did I mention that Thomas was one of those major injury cases? I think I did.  Yeah, he was kinda dying for a bit there.  Luckily, Justine came to the rescue.  There’s only one tiny problem.

Since Thomas had been denying his Hunger so long and he was so badly injured, she’s going to die.  Thomas will kill her if he feeds off of her, and he’ll die if he doesn’t feed.  Talk about a catch 22.

When Harry explained all of this to Justine, she thanked him and went to help Thomas.  Her only request was that Harry tell Thomas she did truly love him.

And that’s about the moment when I whipped out the tissue box.   I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Thomas.  I have no idea why.  He made himself come off like he was a bumbling idiot in the other books, but when he was with Justine it was like magic.  Call me a sucker for a good romance, but hey. I’m a girl after all.  Besides, who doesn’t like that kind of thing?

When Harry woke up the next morning, the fun started again.  Apparently, White Court vampires don’t always end up like Thomas or Lara.  If they can fall in love before their first feeding, then they can live as a human.  Inari hasn’t fed yet, so there’s still hope for her.  Sadly, daddy-dearest (ick!) doesn’t like that option at all.  Since Inari was so badly hurt, the Hunger was starting to rise with a vengeance.  Lord Raith saw that as a wonderful opportunity.  He arranged things so that her first feeding would be on Harry Dresden.  One more thing: the first feeding is always fatal.  Thankfully, the last person Harry had been… close to was someone he truly loved. Susan.

Love is basically the White Court’s version of holy water and garlic.  They can’t touch the stuff and it burns like acid if they do.  That’s why if someone born a White Court falls in love before their first feeding, they can break free of the Hunger.



Thankfully, thanks to Harry’s love for Susan, he was still alive when Thomas burst into the room.  He’d heard the scuffle and was more than a little relieved that Harry wasn’t dead.

He didn’t want to see his brother get hurt.

Well that’s all folks.  Tune in next time (Yes, I’m ending it there. You’ll just have to wait).


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