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Beauty and the Beast: A Review

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test . . . Ah, nostalgia.  Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and we watched a lot of them, back when Disney wasn’t … Continue reading

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Don John of Austria and Our Lady of Victory

Today is October 7th, which most of the world will refer to as Wednesday; but those who know its significance know it as a day when the world could have turned out very differently. Dig deep enough and you can … Continue reading

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The Duties of a Catholic Author

I know, I know, that’s a bold title.  Who am I to say what the duties of any author are, right? Well, as a Catholic and an author — even just one who writes blog posts and a few successful … Continue reading

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Murder in the Vatican, by Ann Margaret Lewis

When I was thirteen, I started reading through the collected stories of Sherlock Holmes. I made it about halfway through. I had been stopped dead by “The Adventure of the Gloria Scott”—one time Holmes was the narrator. I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Today *IS* National Barbecue Day

Every year, someone will complain that we’re losing sight of what this day means in the United States. Someone always complains about that sort of thing for a holiday. So what is the spirit of Independence Day in this country? Is it a … Continue reading

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A Look Inside Depression

Depression is one of those topics that people usually either don’t get or don’t want to talk about. If you haven’t experienced it, well, you don’t get it. Not really. And if you have experienced it, you tend not to want … Continue reading

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Read All About It! Sale at Chesterton Press!

Today, May 29th, is a very special day for the followers of reason, writing, and common sense.  It is the 141st birthday of the ever-witty Apostle of Common Sense, G. K. Chestertion! In honor of this special day, Chesterton Press … Continue reading

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