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An Hour with the Ponds, Dragon Con 2017

And now for those people who are interested in Doctor Who… Speaking of fantasy Try mine.  

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The Pond Family Reunion, @DragonCon, 2016

I’m now at the point where I’m posting other people’s video.   I’m told Karen Gillan was supposed to be part of this. I think she either cancelled, or cancelled her panels. I could be mistaken. And, while you’re listening … Continue reading

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A Flight of Dragon Awards

DragonCon is a convention that takes place every year over the Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, GA. It is, by all accounts, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention on the planet Earth. If you don’t believe me, their minimum … Continue reading

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A Review of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Is there anything in Marvel’s Jessica Jones that’s worth watching? Yes, but bring a shovel, because you’ll have to dig for it. Continue reading

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Doctor Who Series 9: the Recap

What a season. Doctor Who has had its ups and downs, pluses and minuses, but when it pulls through, it really pulls through. Rather than coyly caging my opinion of this season, particularly the finale, I’m just going to say … Continue reading

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A full Jessica Jones trailer? Really?

This is going to be creepy as Hell. …. Ahem.  Anyway. Possible spoilers ahead — spoilers for the comics, anyway, not sure about the tv show. So, in Marvel Comics earlier this century, they had a Marvel “Max” line — mature … Continue reading

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The Seventh Doctor and the Pandorica

I recently ran across this little gem again. It’s from DragonCon in 2011, where Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor) reads the Eleventh’s Pandorica speech. While there wasn’t anything truly bad about Matt Smith’s original version, I find myself thinking that this … Continue reading

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