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#E32016’s Xbox Press Conference

Xbox One has finally showed us their true colors: almost nothing new. NO, really. First, if I hear the word “diversity” one more time … seriously, stop with the buzzwords. Or at least make new ones. As I watched the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Opens strong at E3

Okay, Microsoft’s opening video? Very well shot together. I give them points for a nice music video. Though it reminds me that they’ve dumped a ton of money on the Tomb Raider franchise, making it Xbox exclusive — not even for PC. … Continue reading

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Overview of OVERWATCH

Blizzard Entertainment is kind of a big deal in gaming right now. If you haven’t heard of them, odds are you’ve heard of one of their major franchises: Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo. For most of Blizzard’s career, these were their … Continue reading

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