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Michelangelo Was Not a Secret Feminist: An Artistic Fisk

We know that the internet is full of crazies, but every now and then, one of them is so staggeringly deranged, we just have to call them out for it. Meet today’s maniacal nutjob, Hannah Osborne, of the International Business … Continue reading

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Amoris Laetitia: What The Pope Actually Said (Part One)

Every time Pope Francis sneezes, we have to endure the constant lamestream media’s commentary on how that sneeze means that he’s going to change Church Teaching on marriage, the family, homosexuality, abortion, or whatever the hell else they’re lobbying for … Continue reading

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Why Zootopia Isn’t the Paradise They Say It Is

I saw Zootopia yesterday with a friend, and it was the kind of movie that made us talk about it the whole way home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a “wow, this movie is so great” kind of conversation.  It was a … Continue reading

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Are the Honor Harrington Books Too Feminist?

After Lori wrote her review of the Honor Harrington series, she got a comment that she had to take issue with. It wasn’t a comment here on the blog, and the person who made it isn’t a bad person, so I feel … Continue reading

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Boycotting Marvel: A fisk

Comics Alliance and I have had a longstanding grudge. As in they print politically correct BS, and I ignore them without playing my preferred Deadly Sin card: Wrath. However, when someone directly asks me to have a crack at them, … Continue reading

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