The Catholic Geeks on The Drew Mariani Show

As I write this, I’m fresh from a last-minute interview on The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio. I was asked to come on to talk about the Pokemon Go craze.

Being myself, I wrote up about a page and a half of show-prep notes in the small amount of time before I came on, even though I would only have about ten minutes to talk. Obviously, I didn’t get to all of that. But what should I do with notes like that but write an article? I’ll try to squeeze something in around my BrickFair prep (and I should probably write an article about that too).

The show will be available at this link once it’s uploaded, if you’d like to listen in. In the meantime, I’d like to thank Drew Mariani and his staff for inviting me on and letting me plug both The Catholic Geeks and the Catholic Geek Library. I hope his listeners see something they might enjoy!

About Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman is a traditionally-minded Catholic convert and freelance science fiction and fantasy editor, which means that he's in high demand in a small population. Fortunately, he loves talking about stories. And Catholicism. And history. And philosophy. And lots of other stuff.
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