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The Catholic Geek: Tom Knighton on shootings, Marina Fontaine on Dean Koontz

  http://percolate.blogtalkradio.com/offsiteplayer?hostId=533877&episodeId=7971955 Description Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) interviews author and former Corpsman Tom Knighton  (Bloody Eden, Bad Moon on the Rise, and more) on mass shootings, including the recent slaughter in Oregon.   Marina Fontaine will discuss Catholicism, horror, and … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Children: Grand Prize Winner

And now for a moment of shameless self-promotion: I won! My Halloween short story, Saturday’s Children, won the Grand Prize at the Liberty Island short story contest. If you need to extend your Halloween fun for another few days, give … Continue reading

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Independence Day Short Stories

Liberty Island (a right-wing entertainment website and publisher) occasionally sponsors short fiction contests. The most recent was their “July 4th Blockbuster Fiction Contest.” Why is this relevant, aside from the fact that today is July 4th? Well, you can read … Continue reading

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