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How To Make Catholics Look Stupid: A Lethal Force Fisk

I love fisks; writing them and reading them.  Most of the time, I like to fisk people who are being dopey about a particular fandom, or on writing, or something like that.  But every now and then, there’s a Catholic … Continue reading

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DragonCon 2016 Report: Feeding the Weapon

This was an odd little presentation. Not because of the content or the presenter, but because this was one of the few times I could barely hear what was going on. When I came in, Kevin Dockery, former army armorer … Continue reading

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The Catholic Geek: Tom Knighton on shootings, Marina Fontaine on Dean Koontz

  http://percolate.blogtalkradio.com/offsiteplayer?hostId=533877&episodeId=7971955 Description Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) interviews author and former Corpsman Tom Knighton  (Bloody Eden, Bad Moon on the Rise, and more) on mass shootings, including the recent slaughter in Oregon.   Marina Fontaine will discuss Catholicism, horror, and … Continue reading

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Dear Media: Stop Lying about the Pope

There is a new article out about the six times that you’ve been flat out lied to about Pope Francis.  While long-time readers of The Catholic Geeks have noticed the running gag based around this problem — Strawpope Frank — … Continue reading

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The Church is Not a Cafeteria

In my teens, I wasn’t a very strong or knowledgeable Catholic. I’d converted when I was twelve, but that was more about me getting brought along when my mother and older brother took the plunge. I had the worst of … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Guns: Reasons NOT To Freak Out

We all know that the lamestream media’s favorite topic is gun control: how evil gun owners are, how guns are the source of all our problems, how they manage to fire themselves and are to blame for every gun-related tragedy, … Continue reading

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