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What the Pope Doesn’t Say

There is a lot of people online complaining about “Why hasn’t the Pope condemned Obama? Planned Parenthood? Abortion? Communism? WHY HASN’T HE SAID EXACTLY WHAT I WANT SO I CAN BE REASSURED OF WHAT HE BELIEVES.” Yes, really.  If they … Continue reading

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Pope In DC: Bitchsmacks Obama

While the media drools over everything that the Pope says, either with THE POPE’S A DIRTY COMMIE, or THE POPE IS A GREAT COMMIE! Let’s look at some of what the Pope is actually doing, because I’m tired of this … Continue reading

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Dear Media: Stop Lying about the Pope

There is a new article out about the six times that you’ve been flat out lied to about Pope Francis.  While long-time readers of The Catholic Geeks have noticed the running gag based around this problem — Strawpope Frank — … Continue reading

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