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A Zombie Game With Brains: The Walking Dead, Season 1

You’ve probably heard of the popular TV show The Walking Dead. You know, the one that actually made it cool to watch TV about zombies. You might even know about the original comics that the show was based on. This … Continue reading

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What Andy’s Playing: Undertale

Undertale is a game that’s tricky to talk about, but the prospect of sharing this review with you fills me with determination. I could put a spoiler warning up, but ultimately there’s so many things about the game that I¬†wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Reading from the Perspective of an Aspiring Author

This is a guest post from Hannah, one of the students who attends my creative writing lectures at Christendom College, and who now heads the club that hosts that workshop. — Matthew Bowman I can honestly say that I would … Continue reading

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The Force of Star Wars’ Legacy

Star Wars is a cultural icon, a film with a history spanning decades across the world. Not only did it inspire countless people to explore the world of science fiction, but it also turned into a bedrock for Hollywood screenwriting. … Continue reading

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