Announcing the Catholic Geek Library!

Catholic Geek Library largeThis weekend, I teased the logo you see here on social media. If you saw that, then now you get answers! If this is new to you, well, you still get answers!

The Catholic Geeks is happy to announce a perhaps ambitious expansion: an author co-op, based around our brand, with the intention of bringing together self-published authors who write both fiction and nonfiction that would appeal to those looking for things geeky, Catholic, or both. We’re not forming a publishing house; it’s a cooperative venture, run by CG but focused on its authors: supporting each other, cross-promoting books, and sharing a single brand that can assure readers they’re about to crack open a quality read.

I’ve had the idea of forming an author co-op for years, but it never seemed to quite fit my other brand, Novel Ninja. Sure, that brand is about quality fiction, but it was about producing that fiction, not necessarily selling it. Plus, its boundaries were too hard to define beyond “stuff Matthew Bowman likes.”

But when we started up The Catholic Geeks a year ago, we started building up a brand that wasn’t tied to one person’s likes and dislikes. We started gaining a reputation for analysis, entertainment, and yes, occasionally a lot of snark. Most of all, though, we cultivated one particular aspect of our reputation: that we measure ourselves against a standard not based on our own likes and dislikes, but rather formed from thousands of years of debate and study.

Our Catholic Geek Library isn’t a place for stodgy morality tales, any more than it’s a place where Catholicism matters less than what seems fun in the moment. It’s a balance of both, and while not every book that will wind up in our catalog mentions the Church, the Sacraments, or even the name of Christ, well . . . neither did The Lord of the Rings. Rather, it’s an extension of what you can find on our site. If you like reading us on a regular or even infrequent basis, we hope you’ll like the books we pick for CGL.

We’re currently lining up books for inclusion in our catalog, such as an original science fiction action/police procedural from our very own Lori Janeski (and you can bet we’ll tell you more about that in the coming months!). We’ll be updating that catalog quarterly, starting with this October, but the titles themselves will be announced in September.

In the meantime, do you want to apply for the Catholic Geek Library? Do you just want to know more? Feel free to head to the CGL page and look it over!

And if you like us, please consider supporting us on Patreon. That’s a new addition, too. Everyone here has been working for free, and I’d like to at least get them a few packages of peanuts.

About Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman is a traditionally-minded Catholic convert and freelance science fiction and fantasy editor, which means that he's in high demand in a small population. Fortunately, he loves talking about stories. And Catholicism. And history. And philosophy. And lots of other stuff.
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  3. carlos10101 says:

    The email link on the CGL page doesn’t work. Where Should I email the elevator pitch etc… ?


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