The Return of Minority Report

Yeah.  Minority Report as a television show.  Uh huh. So … this happened.

Item the first, bad things happened to the last sci-fi cop show on television, just saying.

Second … I don’t know.  While I didn’t hate the Tom Cruise film, it wasn’t exactly inspiring. After all, it was Tom Cruise. The story of what happens next with the three psychics from the film is an interesting way to extend the storyline into a tv show. But, um, problem: in the film, he was one of the two weaker psychics, so some of his predictions were undoubtedly wrong. I suppose they’d exploit this so they could have an entire episode, but that’s the sort of thing I’m not sure the average homicide cop would want to consider.

And I say again: more stopping crime before it happens? Really? Again, see Person of Interest. There is only so many ways you can resurrect a premise.

Speaking of resurrection.

About Declan Finn

Declan Finn is the author of Honor at Stake, an urban fantasy novel, nominated for Best Horror in the first annual Dragon Awards. He has also written The Pius Trilogy, an attempt to take Dan Brown to the woodshed in his own medium -- soon to be republished by Silver Empire Press. Finn has also written "Codename: Winterborn," an SF espionage thriller, and it's follow-up, "Codename: Winterborn." And "It was Only on Stun!" and "Set To Kill" are murder mysteries at a science fiction convention.
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2 Responses to The Return of Minority Report

  1. CMJwyrd says:

    The idea of arresting someone before they commit a crime bothered me as to the denial of a last minute change of heart, divining the thoughts and intents as it were. If the premise is that the outcome is inevitable. how could they then prevent it by arresting the pre-perpetrator? But then I think Philip K. Dick wasn’t the genius that most people seem to think he was.


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