Final Fantasy XV’s Newest Trailer

Okay . . . I have to admit it.  I’m impressed.  I am still wary of this new installment, given what they did to XI, XII, XIII–all three installments; don’t get me started–and XIV.  But, wow.  This trailer alone makes me want to forgive them for all of those bad previous games.  Hopefully, Final Fantasy XV will live up to the expectations.

This website has some additional plot information, too.  Sounds like they might be doing the plot of XII correctly this time.

One can only hope.

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4 Responses to Final Fantasy XV’s Newest Trailer

  1. Andy says:

    Yes, but will THIS one be the final Final Fantasy?


  2. Lori Janeski says:

    Here’s an additional trailer, too, with less hugging and more brooding drama:


  3. Lori Janeski says:

    Played it, at last. It’s still promising. Find the review here:


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