Blizzard Announces That They are Going to Announce Something

WoW Announcement Banner

Blizzard Entertainment has just teased that they will reveal the title for the next World of Warcraft expansion on August 6th at Gamescon 2015. Is it surprising that they want to move away from the mess that is the current expansion so quickly? Definitely not. But announcing a Warcraft expansion before the annual BlizzCon in November? That just feels wrong. And desperate. WoW has been bleeding subscriptions since the Warlords of Draenor expansion launched, and this is probably Blizzard’s attempt to retain player interest and stop the exodus.

This upcoming revelation could be a tiny blessing, on the other hand. I was considering renewing my WoW subscription for the month of October to enjoy the in-game Oktoberfest and Halloween holidays, but if the August 6th announcement turns out to be a stink bomb, maybe I’ll just forget it and save $15 instead.

We’ll see next week I suppose, but I’d recommend that WoW players keep their expectations low; I suspect we’re getting another half-effort expansion.

About Ross Windsor

Ross Windsor is a film and gaming enthusiast, and an alumnus of Christendom College who graduated with a theology degree. He is currently designing a fantasy RPG system, while simultaneously researching and developing a board game and film scripts based on Arthurian legends.
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1 Response to Blizzard Announces That They are Going to Announce Something

  1. Foxfier says:

    They might be trying to catch all the people who did their “five days free” offer. (Or was it seven? Can’t remember.)


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