Evil Dead returns

Um … Groovy?

Yeah. An Evil Dead tv series. You know that this is going to be completely insane. I can’t figure out if this is going to be a comedy or horror. But then, Bruce Campbell has been doing self-parody probably since Evil Dead 2.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” will be 10 half-hour episodes on Starz.  The first episode will be directed by Sam Raimi himself, which he wrote with Tom Spezialy of Chuck and with Ivan Raimi (really, how many Raimi brothers are there, anyway?).

Oh, yes, you really did see Lucy Lawless in there. Xena vs. Evil Dead would be a far funnier show, I think.


APiusStandAppleDeclan Finn is a Catholic New York nerd, and author of the Pius Trilogywhich features an idiotic American President who  deliberately targets churches because they are inconvenient to his political power. Any similarities to Obama are purely coincidental.  There are also terrorists who want to blow up the Vatican. This was written before ISIS existed.  The series ends with taking the concept of “the war on God” to its most literal interpretation. Finn is hard at work on the sequel to Codename: Winterborn, which was about Americans being left to die in a Muslim country by vile American politicians.   Of course, none of these politicians look at all like Obama either. Honest.

Declan Finn is also in charge of The Catholic Geek, on WBTN, a radio show dedicated to Catholicism, Geekery, and news that effects both.

About Declan Finn

Declan Finn is the author of Honor at Stake, an urban fantasy novel, nominated for Best Horror in the first annual Dragon Awards. He has also written The Pius Trilogy, an attempt to take Dan Brown to the woodshed in his own medium -- soon to be republished by Silver Empire Press. Finn has also written "Codename: Winterborn," an SF espionage thriller, and it's follow-up, "Codename: Winterborn." And "It was Only on Stun!" and "Set To Kill" are murder mysteries at a science fiction convention.
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