Inside Out

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_posterParents, you know how hard it is to find good, clean movies to give your kids. Stuff without immoral elements, or with questionable heroes, or stuff that might just confuse them. And then, even if that’s all satisfied, it’s hard to get quality.

In that case, you should go see Inside Out and plan on adding the DVD to your home library. 

This is a clever, all-ages, entertaining film that everyone in the family can enjoy. It’s the kind of story and humor that will grow with your kids, and eventually they’ll understand why Mom and Dad were laughing so hard at that joke about facts versus opinions or the visual representation of abstract thought.

If you want to know more, I put up a review over on Novel Ninja; but really, this movie is a must-see. In a year, there will be genuine gasps of shock if you say you’ve never seen it. My invalid mother, who hasn’t gone to a movie theater in over three years, immediately started making plans to go see it this weekend after I said it was better than The Incredibles.

So go see it. You’ll thank me later.


About Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman is a traditionally-minded Catholic convert and freelance science fiction and fantasy editor, which means that he's in high demand in a small population. Fortunately, he loves talking about stories. And Catholicism. And history. And philosophy. And lots of other stuff.
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3 Responses to Inside Out

  1. Ross Windsor says:

    I just saw the movie today, and I have to agree that this was arguably the best Pixar film to date. I say “arguably” because THE INCREDIBLES was such a good movie, so I’ll need a second viewing of INSIDE OUT to form an accurate comparison. But INSIDE OUT is definitely a must-see and a must-own-the-day-it-releases-on-DVD.


  2. I knew that comparing it to The Incredibles would spark discussion. Which is why I decided to take a stand, even though I fully acknowledge that my personal experience might be coloring my judgement. After all, what with my chronic depression, this movie speaks to me on a level that The Incredibles will just never match.

    But I also think that it’s better in terms of writing, execution, ability to be something to all ages, and clever use of material. Both movies tell amazing stories with characters you come to love, and both play off of tropes in such a way that you can laugh even if you don’t get the full inside-baseball joke. Inside Out just does it a tiny bit more skillfully, a lot more applicably, and I suspect with even more staying power. That last, however, will have to wait to be proven.


    • Ross Windsor says:

      Oh, it’s certainly a fair comparison, and after a second viewing of INSIDE OUT (which will likely be after the DVD release, since I rarely have the time/money to see a movie more than once in theaters), I might agree with you easily. It usually takes a second viewing for me to put aside first impressions, whether good or bad, and appreciate everything a film has to offer. And in this case, my personal experience is not too different than yours, as I wrestle with depression also (including some nasty flareups over the past few days), though not to the intensity you face, based on your descriptions.

      For what it’s worth, INSIDE OUT moved me on an emotional level in ways very few films (or real life events, for that matter) have, and I consider that a strong case for its superiority over THE INCREDIBLES.


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