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CatholicGeekShow2The Catholic Geeks, in partnership with We Built That Network, brings you a live Internet radio show every Sunday from 7 to 9, Eastern US time. Our very own Declan Finn hosts The Catholic Geek Radio Show, where he brings you rants, reviews, guests, and a whole lot of opinion on things geeky, things Catholic, and often both. It’s two hours of nonstop action, often tackling topics that really ought to come with crusade indulgences.

The format of the show has Declan deliver a short monologue on various topics of interest that have come up in the previous week, and then bring on a guest and spend the rest of the show discussing various subjects that might or might not be related to the main topic of the episode. You never know quite what you’re going to get!

Each link below will take you to the page for that episode. If you join us for the live show, remember that there is both a call-in number and a chat room! Join in the discussion!


  • Episode 1 (June 7th, 2015)
    The Catholic Geeks co-founders Matthew Bowman and Lori Janeski come on the show to discuss comic book TV and movie franchises, attacks on Joss Whedon, Sad Puppies, Pope Francis, the successes of Babylon 5 versus the failures of Sense8, and anything else that comes to mind and could be fit in a mere two hours.
  • Episode 2 (June 14th, 2015)
    CLFA co-founder Marina Fontaine joins the show to discuss Joss Whedon, Avengers: Age of Ultron, feminist controversies, and more.
  • Episode 3 (June 21th, 2015)
    Tom Knighton (known as His Tankness in certain circles) discusses the Hugo Awards and the Sad Puppies campaign.
  • Episode 4 (June 28th, 2015)
    The Catholic Geek co-founder Karina Fabian joins the show along with Colleen Drippe’, where they discuss Catholic science fiction, especially their SF anthology series Infinite Space, Infinite God.
  • Episode 5 (July 5th, 2015)
    Stephanie Souders arrives to discuss more Catholic SF stories, including a retrospective on A Canticle for Leibowitz and related themes in Babylon 5 and C. S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength.
  • Episode 6 (July 12th, 2015)
    Catholic convert John C. Wright and his wife L. Jagi Lamplighter join the show to talk about their books and comparing LibertyCon to DragonCon. Other topics include Sad Puppies and the Hugo Awards, the superversive fiction movement, Dan Brown, Philip Pullman, Twilight, and My Little Pony. Yes, My Little Pony. You read that right.
  • Episode 7 (July 19th, 2015)
    Despite a car accident that nearly resulted in having to get a guest host (don’t worry, the only casualty was Declan’s Internet connection), Ava Armstrong and Jason Garrick arrive to talk about Iran, military technology in fiction, and of course the latest Strawpope Frank story.
  • Episode 8 (July 26th, 2015)
    Ann Margaret Lewis (whose credits include DC Comics and Star Wars) discusses Sherlock Holmes, her use of him in her own books, lots of superhero stories, and the Catholic Writers Conference.
  • Episode 9 (August 2nd, 2015)
    After a monologue that deals in large part with Planned Parenthood and Satanic worship in Detroit (not necessarily at the same time, but also not necessarily unrelated), Elma Shemenauer and Arthur Powers arrive to talk historical fiction.
  • Episode 10 (August 9th, 2015)
    Catholic Geeks contributor Karina Fabian is back on the show again, this time to talk about her latest book, Mind Over All, which concludes her Mind Over trilogy. Well, except for that novella that gives us a certain wedding . . .
  • Episode 11 (August 16th, 2015)
    Jack July.

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